Freelance Web Designer & Digital Marketing Consultant

Any of our services starts with a first contact, a subsequent study of your needs, an analysis of your market (competition) and a further development of strategies. All budgets are free and without obligation.

Web Designing

Web designing of a company or startup is the center of its online identity, so it is important that it is personalized and appropriate to its user profile, as well as set clear objectives and guide the visitor towards them.

Ecommerce Website

In addition to a design and a web platform that work perfectly, an e- commerce project needs to differentiate itself from the rest, as well as web analytics tools that allow a clear vision of the origin of sales and the famous return on investment.


In addition to a design and a web platform that work perfectly, an e- commerce project needs to differentiate itself from the rest, as well as web analytics tools that allow a clear vision of the origin of sales and the famous return on investment.

Analytics & Planning

At any scale (large or small budgets) is highly recommended developing a measurement plan web analytics, and define certain strategies of online marketing or Digital Marketing.

Social Media

A competitive freelance web designing project needs attention in many areas and bearing in mind that the important thing is to attend the business itself, it may be advisable to delegate some of them.

Email Marketing

We help you optimize resources and improve the results of email marketing, integrating it into a cross-channel strategy, with a personalized service.

freelance web designer in delhi

My name is Manish Verma and I am Freelance Web Designer in Delhi.

What began as a work more or less encompassing for a single person, has become over the years in a multidisciplinary sector that necessarily requires the intervention of different guilds and specialties.

The experience of all these years of work has allowed me to create a solid team of highly specialized collaborators in various areas of the web environment. Always accompanied by Abhimanyu Singh, another professional in the sector with whom I joined in 2009 and with him I am lucky to work day by day, with more and more enthusiasm. I have a large portfolio of web design projects and numerous satisfied customers so I’m sure I can help you create the website of your dreams.

The quality and the value for money, as well as the personal treatment and personalized follow-up, are fundamental standards for me.

Web Designing 100%
Planning 85%
SEO 95%
Social Media 80%
Digital Marketing 90%
Email Marketing 80%

We provide Measurable & effective Digital Brand Engineering Solutions

Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Google Ads (PPC)
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
Some thoughts about freelance web designers

Although it is an increasingly demanding and increasingly common profession in our society, you may not yet be clear exactly what a freelance web designer is. Or rather, you may not know what a web designer is, as they often confuse their functions with other professions in the online world, such as the web developer.

In this article, I will try to answer the main questions that arise around this profession. We will also know the main advantages and some other disadvantage of hiring a freelance professional versus other design and development solutions.

  1. What is a freelance web designer?
  2. What is a freelance web developer?
  3. Advantages of a freelance web designer versus other options.
  4. Advantages in front of free web creation tools.
  5. Advantages of freelance web designer versus web design agencies.
  6. Disadvantages of a freelance web designer
  7. 20 Freelance Tips For Every Stage Of Your Life
  8. Pros and Cons of Being Freelance Web Designer
  9. 7 Quick Tips For Beginning Freelancers
  10. In a nutshell
Global range of product and services

The purpose of all our advertising and marketing is to position ourselves in the consumer’s mind, right? And the more audience we are, the more likely we are to be recognized.Well, with a Website, all people with Internet access (today are the majority) will be able to know everything about your business or company. You can keep them abreast of all the news and promotions you want. The level of potential customers will rise significantly and the experience of your fixed customers will be even better.

Most people are currently looking for referrals through the largest search engine in the world, Google. In order to be indexed to Google you have to have a Website if or yes. Having only social networks is not enough, much less when customers are demanding. Being able to appear in Google and other search engines with a presentable web page, hosted on a good server and of good quality gives the customer immense confidence in relating your company with a disbursement of your money.

A website has a low cost compared to other advertising media, which in addition to being temporary, do not always reach the entire target market that we propose. The Internet is undoubtedly one of the tools most used today by people of all ages and the prices to maintain a website are quite favorable if we take into account the thousands of benefits it gives.

Web Designing Types

Static Web Designing

Custom Web Designing

Dynamic Web Designing

Mobile Web Designing

Responsive Web Designing

Ecommerce Web Designing

Website Re-Designing

Landing Page Designing

Startup Website Designing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of using a range of techniques, including rewriting html code, editing content, browsing the site , linking campaigns and more actions, in order to improve the position of a Website in search engine results for specific search terms.

Complementary definition

Search Engine Optimization, it is the practice to use a series of techniques that involve the optimization of the page (with so-called factors on site SEO) and its socialization in the Internet with other pages (so-called factors off site SEO) In order to improve the position of a website in search engine results for specific search terms.

These techniques, and their relevance to improve the positioning, are diverse and changing in function of the continuous evolution of the search engines.

Broad and inclusive definition

Strategy and set of practices aimed at attracting and retaining traffic from search engines.

Some considerations

SEO is integrated within the company’s own business and communication strategy. Good positions alone are worthless, if they do not contribute anything to the business objectives. Here is, therefore, the need to integrate the SEO strategy with the rest of marketing activities.

Your web is the image you show the world through the internet.
It is said that today who is not on the internet does not exist. And in a way the phrase is right: when a person searches for a product or an information today, the first place where he usually searches is on the internet, and comparing what he finds “in the cloud” is how he makes his first selection of information.
That is why it is fundamental that every entity or company has on the internet its presentation so that it can be the way of contact with future clients or users. Your web will allow you to:
  • Present your entity or company. Many people will get to know us through our website and will be the way to introduce them to what we do and who we are.
  • Make your products or work known. Using specific spaces to show what you do
  • Interact with users. Offering regular and up-to-date information, which will allow us to receive your opinions and ideas and that users share our information with other users …

In short, a website allows us to show what we are and what we do, to capture users for the page or for our products, and to interact with them and to keep them loyal.

freelance web designer in delhi

What people say about me

  • Javi pastor Javi Pastor
    When you are looking for a trustful freelance web designer it is difficult to hit the first one. Normally, the designer sends you a proposal, you reject it and you are like this for weeks or months trying to find a common point. That did not happen to me with WebFrog (Manish Verma). It hit the nail on the first and gave me a 99.99% design according to what I asked for in a very short time. He took care of every detail and even improved everything I had proposed with his own ideas that he was including during the process. In addition, Arturo not only provides a spectacular design, but a functional design. My website improved in speed, user experience and duplicated visits after the redesign I made with it . If you need to design or redesign your website, I would not think of anyone other than Manish Verma.
    Javi pastor Javi Pastor
  • Meri Meri García
    We contacted WebFrog for SEO and the web designing of our company and the result, we simply love it! He has been able to listen to our idea and improve it with proposals that have not even crossed our minds. It has been adding and adding to a project that we have done with much love. Effective, resolutive and professional. We recommend it 100%.
    Meri Meri García
  • Isidro Migallón
    I appealed to Manish because I needed to make a change of staff in my blog and I gave myself some respect to implementing it myself. It had a lot of fruit from the 5-year job and I did not want anything to be lost. Manish offered me exactly the solution I needed in record time by meeting deadlines. Two months after this change my blog won the Blog Award for Best Blog Health 2014. Undoubtedly would highlight the great professionalism and communication with Arturo throughout the process.
    Isidro Migallón
  • Zuzel Amelia Gorostiaga More
    I have been in the online business world for many years and I have collaborated with numerous web designers in delhi, Manish is without a doubt on my list of the best, and that is why I recommend it to my clients. When I worked with him, I felt very confident, is not only an excellent designer but also has knowledge of online marketing, which I know I can leave all the work in their hands and stop worrying altogether. Success Of your blog is also a great reference to keep in mind for entrepreneurs on the Internet. I hope that many entrepreneurs will continue to benefit from their proven talent and experience
    Zuzel Amelia Gorostiaga More
  • Alberto
    I needed a complete change on my website. I had a default template with few features to optimize my work. WebFrog (Manish Verma) gave me advice on what we could do to give another image to my website and at the same time improve the position on the internet (SEO). This last point has improved and I receiving more traffic on my website and in relation to it have increased the requests of budgets.
  • Mark Mikins
    Working with Freelance Web Designer and developer (Manish Verma) has been a real pleasure, always solving my doubts quickly, with the sympathy, kindness, and patience that characterizes them. Work together, you cannot ask for more!
    Mark Mikins
  • Fabiano Batista
    The first time I got in touch with Manish he conveyed a lot of confidence, I realized that his work was very professional and at our first meeting, I was able to check everything I had thought of before. What impressed me the most is that he also gave me tips on how to improve my project. Always available and with very quick answers to my doubts, a phenomenal support!
    Fabiano Batista
  • Emil Serrano
    From the first moment Manish was there to answer all my questions and promptly. He did everything I asked and advised me at every moment, adapting to my needs. He fulfilled the freelance web designing that I wanted and his services were efficient and efficient. And I repeated with a second website ... With that is all said. That is why I recommend Manish Verma without hesitation. Great professional that listens to his client.
    Emil Serrano
  • Bernat Barceló
    We explained our idea and WebFrog made it come true. No more no less. We asked for a dynamic, fresh and easy to use website for the user. That everything was within reach of a click. Manish Verma got it with the first sketch he showed us. It is difficult to find a team as professional as WebFrog. Being creative, elegant and professional at the same time is a challenge, but it seems that for them is the most natural. Thanks for everything. He is the best freelance web designer in Delhi
    Bernat Barceló
  • Venugopal Iyer
    After hiring several teams of Freelance web designer in Delhi. I got what I was looking for, a natural SEO guy, that made it multiply by four the number of visits to my page in just one year
    Venugopal Iyer
  • Jorge Farinós
    I have some knowledge of WordPress and after setting up my own company page I looked for the services of a professional freelance web designer and SEO Expert that will help me to improve the performance and positioning in the search engines. Thanks to Manish Verma now my website loads much faster, is better configured and I receive more visits. In addition, Arturo gave me good advice to improve the SEO and thus not lose positioning over time.
    Jorge Farinós
  • Christopher Richardson
    WebFrog owner Manish Verma took my ideas and designed a functional website, but also attractive with respect to aesthetics. A key part was the logo, which he created by putting together my ideas and sketches with his creative touch. That is very important to me. When we started, he asked me about websites that I liked, but it caught my attention when he asked me about the colors I liked and those that I did not. It is important to note the additional effort and time Manish spent when my website was hacked - the damage was considerable, and I know that Manish had to highlight several issues with people in the Delhi to solve the problems and restore my website. With respect to improvements of my business, although much comes from word of mouth, it is important to have a web with a professional look to participate in events, Enroll in lists of professional services, etc., and mine has more than fulfilled those functions. I have recommended and continue to recommend Manish to people I know will take seriously the design of a quality web.
    Christopher Richardson
  • Rahul Luthra
    We have been working with Freelance Web designer (Manish Verma) since 2012 and have always adapted to the requirements of technical and time requirements, He is very fast, very flexible and very dialogic." He is the best freelance web designer in Delhi. Thanks Mr. Manish Verma
    Rahul Luthra
  • Laura Rincon
    I have to thank WebFrog for the originality, dedication and dedication to my website, I am delighted and very grateful, I would work with him again for a new project. Thank you friend, you are the best freelance web designer in Delhi.
    Laura Rincon

Our Web Designing Services

Why WebFrog Web Designing

WebFrog is a freelance web designing service provider in Delhi composed of the best graphic/web designers, programmers, and online marketing experts to offer you everything you need for your internet success centrally.

We have been working since 2012, having created more than 500 projects online. Our objective is to increase the billing of all our clients, advising them, to develop and manage their businesses in an integral way on Internet. For this we develop a market study, analyzing your competition, determining who your potential client will be, finding out what internet use they do and finally developing a SWOT analysis of weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities.

We develop your website always tailored to your needs, with a unique design and an analysis of its usability, leaving it optimized to 100% for search engines.

We expand your business on the Web: Google and Yahoo … Socialize your business: Facebook, Twitter, Google + … We make the design of your website visible to the world by position it in the first results of the search engines, thematic directories and Managing your online advertising campaigns. Finally, we have made our customers loyal with tools such as our e-mail newsletter.

We believe in closeness, communication and transparency, because the internet is much more than the design of a web page. Ask us today without any commitment. Cerotec Studios, your online solution.

We will always provide a web design budget prior to contracting with a detailed breakdown of everything included, avoiding any surprise thanks to our Budget web page in detail.

Advantage of our Web Designing Services

We are an online communication service provider and provide complete web designing and SEO solution in Delhi and NCR, which offers you a complete solution so that you can work on the internet, you will always be advised and attended: We do not only make virtual stores or corporate websites, we do everything necessary for you to sell.

Other companies are small design studios that do not cater to you, disappear or do not know how to answer many questions. Here we are 16 specialists, one for every thing you need. We have all the solutions and if we do not seek it for you.

All the web design companies, they will talk to you to optimize the web for search engines, nobody gives results. We talk to you about visits and goals, you can check that we want to help you achieve your goals on the internet. SEO is really our main line of business.

Here you will have a private customer area, a powerful virtual platform, so you can follow and control every detail of the development of your virtual store, communication is infinitely better and easier than with other companies. There is no color here.

We have our own servers, we do not subcontract it.