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My name is Manish Verma and I am Freelance Web Designer in Delhi.

My name is Manish Verma and I am Freelance Web Designer in Delhi. What began as a work more or less encompassing for a single person, has become over the years in a multidisciplinary sector that necessarily requires the intervention of different guilds and specialties. The experience of all these years of work has allowed me to create a solid team of highly specialized collaborators in various areas of the web environment. I have a large portfolio of web design projects and numerous satisfied customers so I’m sure I can help you create the website of your dreams. The quality and the value for money, as well as the personal treatment and personalized follow-up, are fundamental standards for me.


You can contact me in any way you like, either directly by phone or email, or request that I call you for free, or by filling out the contact form. Once you have known your needs, I can advise you and send you a quote without any commitment. We speak?


Currently, there are numerous companies that offer web design misleadingly labeled as free (usually charge hosting, domain and other derivatives services) and also provide the ability to create a website without programming knowledge or design in a few steps. Why should not you leave your online site in the hands of these companies? There are three fundamental reasons:

Code doubled. You bear in mind that: all web elements that facilitate these businesses, have been used by other hundreds of them in advance. Code (HTML and CSS) behind your Web is repeated and cloned elsewhere, exactly the same. That means a heavy blow on search engines like Google, who value originality and uniqueness of content.

Lack of identity. The same images, structures and schemes that use to create your page, and have been used by other companies. This implies that you are not creating a unique online identity. Your website should be memorable and personal to achieve this goal. It is important that you delegate the responsibility of design specialists (web and graphic designers) who know how to promote the message, slogan, benefits, etc. of your business.

The professional touch. We know that there is no better than you to talk about the services they offer and to give details and advantages of your products, but; advertising, online marketing, and design in general, are governed by rules that really are effective and efficient, which should be studied and treated by a person who has years of experience in the sector. WEBFROG has worked for big brands and also small companies.

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