These are the 68 most outstanding and top Automobile Companies in Pune out of 1000 best companies that deal with the automotive world and awarded as the best of 2020.

Those who are looking for a job in the automobile sector these companies are best. However, there are dozens of automobile companies in Pune that invest resources in the quality of the workplace for the benefit of employees.

List of Top 68 Automobile Companies in Pune

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Automobile Companies Massive Drop

The automobile companies suffered a massive drop in production worldwide from 1.1% to 95.7 million in 2018, which represented the first decline since 2009.

In large part, the impact on the sector was due to trade tensions between the United States, India, and China.

In the year 2019, vehicle sales closed below 1 million 310 thousand units; that is, it had a drop of 8.0% compared to what happened in 2018.

The companies that make up the automotive industry, both those that manufacture vehicles, auto parts and that commercialize automobiles, returned in recent days to start up after two months of quarantine, within the framework of the gradual opening of the isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Automobile Industry in the Indian Economy is vital

The weight of the Automobile Industry in the Indian Economy is vital, and its importance is such that the automobile and its accessory industry come to represent 10% of the GDP – Gross Domestic Product of our Country.

Although time has taken with it the existence of all the manufacturers of the purely national capital, and all the companies that produce in India are multinationals with headquarters in different countries,

It is no less accurate than in the components and subcontractors industry. In recent decades, societies of great importance have been created, which not only supply the National Industry but also export a significant number of its production.

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