In the life cycle of most companies, there comes a time when the jump to international markets is considered, so it is necessary to update the marketing strategy and adapt it to new international needs.

Marketing Plan

It is about aligning marketing strategies along with the objectives of your company taking into account, in addition, geographical locations.

A marketing plan always answers questions like: Where is my company located? Where do I want to go? How can you get there?


New markets involve new SEO actions for new countries. In addition to a whole strategy of organic positioning to generate qualified traffic.

  • We analyze searches related to your business.
  • We analyze the competition.
  • We review meta tags, titles, descriptions, schemas, etc.
  • We develop content.
  • We check the incoming links.
  • Is there online demand in the new market?
  • Who is our competition?
  • How can we position ourselves properly?

Online Advertising

When a new business is started, in almost 100% of the cases an advertising campaign is necessary to make itself known. To do this, depending on the target market you want to target and your product, at Webfrog we define campaigns on the most appropriate channels:

  • Google,
  • Bing
  • Yahoo,
  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • YouTube


Each country has unwritten rules regarding communication, and that is not to mention the linguistic interpretations of many expressions, so it is necessary to adapt the communication style and strategy to each of the new markets. At Webfrog we can help you in the following communications

  • Define the communication objectives for each country.
  • Planning communication and channels: blog, social networks, mailing, press releases. As well as taking care of its management.
  • Review the contents and structures of the corporate website.
  • Adapt a graphic identity.
  • Develop new adapted content

Web Analytics

Analytics seeks to analyze the data obtained from the different actions carried out and then convert it into valuable information that you can use in your company’s decisions.

Web Analytics is a business tool. It is not about showing graphs with monthly visits, but rather detecting if your strategy is correct and proposing solutions if it is not.