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Lead Generation Fundamentals and Techniques

A lead is that person or company that shows interest in your services or products. In other words, a commercial opportunity for your business. Therefore, one of the main objectives of a Digital Strategy has to be the generation of leads or commercial opportunities that allow you to feed your Sales Funnel and achieve more sales.

Depending on the state of your project or business, at Webfrog we help you develop and execute a better lead generation strategy according to your market.

Target Industry

The first thing is to know and define the profile or industry you want to target, as well as what their needs and motivations are. Only in this way can we create an adequate communication and sales process.

  • If the foundation fails, the house falls apart.

Generating Traffic

The next step will be to drive traffic to your website, portal, landing page, eCommerce store, and analyze how it behaves.

For this we can resort to:

  • Organic SEO
  • Online advertising
  • Social media
  • Email Marketing

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing is a strategy of attracting users through non-intrusive techniques, seeking to generate leads and convert to customers.

The Inbound Marketing strategy is based on 4 phases:

  • Attract users through content, advertising, SEO, Social Networks, etc.
  • Get the user to contact your company: Forms, Landing Pages, Conversion Optimization, etc.
  • Integrate the leads into a CRM and carry out Lead Nurturing work.
  • Turn customers into prescribers

Lead Nurturing Strategy

We seek to convert leads into clients through some techniques.

Lead Nurturing or Marketing Automation is a way of “building relationships with potential clients, even from the moment they are not yet interested in hiring our services, accompanying them throughout the decision-making process until they become a leader” .

Conversion Optimization

Improving the conversions of your website and your landings is the most important thing.

Conversion optimization basically consists of increasing the ratio visits/leads or visits/sales. For this, through different techniques and tools, improvements are established on the web in an iterative way, optimizing the process and achieving an increase in these ratios over time.

For example: If we manage to increase the conversion rate from 4% to 5%, we will have improved the performance of our page by 25%, which translates into 10 new sales for every 1,000 visits.

Web Analytics

With the analytical one, it is sought to analyze the data obtained from the different actions developed and then convert them into valuable information that you can use in the decisions of your company.

Web Analytics is a business tool. It is not about showing graphs with monthly visits, but rather detecting if your strategy is correct and proposing solutions if it is not.

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