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ECommerce SEO Services is very important for every online store in India or any country in the world. An eCommerce or online store is also a website that requires proper SEO to generate sales.

SEO is the main thing that helps us ECommerce platform for visibility and makes it easier for users and potential customers to find our online store.

We have talked in our articles about what SEO is in general and what are the SEO on-page and SEO off-page factors important for a website.

All this applies equally to your online store or eCommerce although it is true that there are some specific aspects to consider when SEO an eCommerce on the network.

Most of the online stores are understood as a showcase of the products that are for sale and frequently some mistakes are made that seriously harm the ranking of the site when it comes to exposing the products in the eCommerce.

We start from the basis that every website and this includes online stores, should or should at least try to rank itself on certain keywords.

This means that text content is very important when doing SEO for an online store as well.

Keywords in your content for Ecommerce SEO

If we consider that depending on the type of product being sold, it is not always possible to add a broad descriptive text, it is important to take advantage of the product categories and the main page of the site to add text with the keywords that we intend to rank.

At this point it is important to speak the same language as potential customers and we are not saying it literally but from the point of view of language style. How do they search the web? What words do they use when searching for any of our products?

All this vocabulary must be part of the texts of the categories of our products. Of course, there is nothing better than supporting us with a blog that provides relevant and interesting content to our potential client and that also generates qualified traffic to our eCommerce.

Another way to contribute text using the vocabulary and keywords appropriate to our business is to create a useful FAQ section for our potential client or a buying guide to help you in case of doubt.

At this point, we recommend reading How to write texts for the web

Gain user trust to gain search engine trust

One of the main eCommerce SEO factors is that search engines take into account is the bounce rate, that is, the time that users stay on a website and the number of page views per session. Both data are also very important for the managers of any online store.

In an eCommerce it is important to gain the trust of the users who browse our site if we want them to end up buying any of our products. For this, it is essential to present the company and have the following information in a visible and easily accessible place for the user of an eCommerce:

  1. Information about the company.
  2. Legal notice and privacy policy well defined and accessible.
  3. Purchase and shipping conditions.
  4. Information on security in transactions and variety in the means of payment.
  5. Transparency in order management.
  6. Guarantees and return policies.
  7. Customer service and contact.
Also, there are two other essential elements for an online store when it comes to gaining the trust of users:
  • Customer testimonials and ratings
  • Quality Products and Trusted Seller

Customer reviews and ratings

Every day we are more users who rely on the reviews and ratings of other users before hiring a service or buying a product. Therefore, trusted customer reviews and ratings are a fundamental tool to convince users and potential customers to buy from your online store.

An eCommerce that is capable of obtaining a good volume of reviews and customer opinions will be achieving a unique and original content for your product file, which will not only serve to sell more but also better ranking on search engines.

Quality and Trust Stamps Online

The quality stamps or Labels online confidence are hallmarks that are provided to electronic stores or online stores to demonstrate their quality and safety in online sales. In this way, transparency is added to the business process and conversions are reinforced.

Showing this type of seal generates trust and credibility for the user in shipping, in the pricing policy, in customer service, in data protection, and, above all, in payment.

SEO Content Optimization

The file of each of the products that we upload to the store must contain as much information as possible about it. You must take advantage of all the available text spaces to work the keywords but always thinking about the user.

It is not convenient to make a paste copy of the descriptions between various products, however similar they may be. This is duplicate content that can harm the ranking of the website.

Try to write unique product descriptions. If all the online stores in a sector use the same texts that are provided by product suppliers. We will find the same content on many different web pages.

In the event that the catalog of products of an eCommerce is extremely large, it is important to prepare, at least, the text of the cards of those products that are sold the most or that we are especially interested in promoting and SEO.

Providing maximum detail in the description, in the advantages and in the characteristics of the product can improve the conversion ratio of eCommerce.

A complete product file provides security to the buyer and improves search engine ranking.

Photo/Image Optimization

Product images have to be of good quality to attract user attention. Keep in mind that it is necessary to gain the user’s trust and in this, the use of quality images is a plus.

Also, the original images rank better in Image search, as it happens with the texts. Therefore, whenever possible, it is better to take quality photos of your own for our eCommerce.

These photos or images must also be optimized. You have to take into account their weight and size. The image size can negatively influence not only web positioning but also user experience.

Excessive weight affects the page load: the later it loads, the less likely it is that the user will wait to see the content of the website.

Also to the weight and size of the images, there are other factors related to them that must be considered: the name of the file, the title of the image, and the alt attribute of the image.

These three elements must carry the keywords of the product that we intend to rank. As it is very likely that there are very similar products, you have to take advantage of the images to rank long-tail keywords.

About Long Tail and how to optimize images, we have already written in previous articles. We invite you to read them in the links.


Both the SEO on-page and off-page SEO of an eCommerce website is not too far from that of any other website in terms of site structure. All elements are seen in the articles in which we have treated the subject and that I have already mentioned before count here too.

The design and user experience is a very important factor particularly for ranking the eCommerce stores. That is why it is very important to have an attractive design that makes navigation easier for the user.

For an online store, it is key that all the important information is available to the Internet user so that he can go to it at any time he seems appropriate.

To finish, another fundamental factor is the speed of the site as we have already mentioned above.

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