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Creating a brand is a complex process that goes far beyond designing a logo.

Create an online brand with Webfrog Team

Logo Design

The brand name must be suggestive, easy to pronounce and remember, without negative connotations, neither very specific nor very generic. The logo is the graphic element that identifies the brand. Therefore, it is recommended that it be simple, easy to remember, consistent with the name and adaptable to physical and digital formats.

Web Design

When a new business is started, in almost 100% of the cases an advertising campaign is necessary to make itself known. No one has ever built a brand by imitating someone else’s advertising.

Depending on the target market you want to target and your product, at Webfrog we define campaigns on the most appropriate channels –Google, Bing / Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube–, that allow impacting the selected target.

Market Study

A market study will allow you to know not only the viability of your business but also the way in which both your potential clients and your competitors are evolving. The objective is to understand customers, competitors and the market in general, from there to lay the foundations for creating your own brand.

Marketing plan

A marketing plan will allow you to answer questions such as: Where is my company at? Where do I want to go? How to get there?

Through this roadmap we provide coherence and continuity to all offline and online marketing actions, we optimize the available resources and detect new opportunities for your company.


As important is the construction of the brand itself, as the definition of what your communication will be like.
A solid Digital Communication Strategy will help you to effectively count the key messages of your organization, in the way and in the most appropriate channels in each case, without losing sight of the company’s objectives.

Online Reputation

Online reputation is a reflection of the prestige of a person, company or brand on the Internet. Monitoring it will help you to know in real-time what is said or thought about your business, service or product, in order to act accordingly and, above all, prevent and manage possible crises.
“Online reputation is like a digital shadow, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to have it, it haunts you. You cannot lack an online reputation. You can manage it or not ”

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