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Do you want to start a new Online Marketing Project?

Do you want to start a new project and you don’t know how? Do you want to make the jump from offline to online and don’t know where to start? Do you think your business model needs a 180º turn ?. In Webfrog we have the experience and the tools to be your ideal partner in this new journey that you begin. Do we start?

Naming and Brand

After defining your business model –with all that this implies–, naming and brand have a very important weight when it comes to building your company.

It is important that both are easy to remember, that they do not contain any negative connotations, that they can be adapted to both offline and online formats and, of course, that they are attractive.

Web Designing

Web designing and development, in many cases, the first contact that your potential client will have with your brand.
Therefore, it is important to try to take care of all the details and seek to orient your site to satisfy their needs, thus facilitating lead generation.

Market study

Market research will allow you to see first-hand how the viability of your business is going, in addition to the possible evolution not only of your client but also of your competitors.

Thanks to these market studies, it will be much easier for you to lay the foundations for creating your brand.

Digital Marketing Plan

Thanks to a good digital marketing plan it will be easier for you to realize where you are, where you want to go and see the different ways through which you can reach your goal. It is, therefore, a roadmap with which you can not only give shape and continuity to the different marketing actions –offline and online– but also optimize your resources and detect new business opportunities.

Online Advertising

Without a good online advertising campaign, your company will find it impossible to grow, professionally or financially. However, not all advertising campaigns are valid, since they depend on the market you want to target and the product you want to sell. At Webfrog we develop advertising campaigns in the channels that we consider most appropriate, thus achieving a greater impact on the selected target.


Building the brand itself is as important as carrying out good communication about it.
A solid Digital Communication Strategy will allow you to effectively count the key messages of our organization, but without losing sight of the company’s objectives.


To get users to find you quickly, you must carry out SEO actions that help you position yourself. Some of these actions are the following:

  • ~ Analysis of searches related to your business.
  • ~ Analysis of the competition.
  • ~ Review of meta tags, titles, descriptions, schemas, etc.
  • ~ Content development.
  • ~ Review of inbound links.


To get users to find you quickly, you must carry out SEO actions that help you position yourself. Some of these actions are the following:

A scorecard allows you to measure your company’s activities in terms of vision and strategy, as far as digital actions are concerned.

It is not about offering all the information available in an extremely extensive document, but rather showing the information necessary to quickly control the evolution of your business in general terms and make decisions in real-time.

Web Analytics

It is not about showing graphs with monthly visits, but rather detecting if your strategy is correct and proposing solutions if it is not.

What is not measured can not be improved. What is not improved, always degrades. Analytics seeks to analyze the data obtained from the different actions carried out and then convert them into valuable information that you can use in your company’s decisions.

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