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Improve Your Reputation Online Reputation On Search Engines
  • Do you know that the online reputation of your company is the main things on the web?
  • Do you know what users’ perceptions are towards you? Would you like to protect your image from any risky or embarrassing situations?
  • Do you need to clean up some harmful or defamatory results found in search engines? Then you need online reputation management services from Webfrog!

This activity has become necessary above all with the spread of user-generated content on sites, blogs and social networks, where users share thier opinions.

This information can turn or influence the mind of other people, and therefore change the fortunes of companies, politicians and professionals for the better or, the worse.

Consumers use the web to find information that becomes crucial at a later time; in other words, they influence the decision-making process that precedes a choice or purchase.

In the eyes of people, it is essential to have a positive image or the company or brand, if possible clear and without spots.

In the past, We depend on printed papers, TV and radio for this process. But now everything that published on the web lasts forever and is easily found by people.

Our Online Reputation Management Services cover various aspects:

Make Your Brand Recognizable & Distinctive

Construction of the Online Reputation

We develop and implement ORM strategies to build a strong reputation on the web. Our weapons are Google on an organic and advertising level, social networks, quora, glassdoor and much more.

Online Reputation Monitoring

Through our ORM softwares, we continuously check everything that happens on Social, Google Citations and review aggregators, to intervene and solve complex situations promptly or to improve the general appearance of the brand.

Negative Content Removal

Negative content removal from Google and other websites, through legal and indexing channels, of contents that are harmful to the image of brands or individuals.

Content Creation

New content and articles should be created in the main pages of the website. The website should always up-to-date, and the quality content is an essential element in demonstrating the site’s quality to Google and surpassing its competitors.

Right To Be Forgotten

Our ORM agency takes care of initiating and following the practices for the respect of the right to be forgotten.

Our ORM Goals

Our goal is to define a recognizable and convincing brand identity; to do this, we develop a personalized and latest ORM strategy.

Steps of SEO Process

The Expert SEO Services provided by our agency is divided into several phases, which prove to be necessary for achieving the objectives, in full compliance with the rules set by the search engines:

After analyzing the contents present on the web, that is the articles, the comments, the quotes, the opinions and the sentiment of the users, we will define a general picture of the situation, according to which we will be able to carry out different strategic actions, which can be of the type:

Who Need Online Reputation Management?

  • Public and political figures
  • Professionals
  • Brands and companies
  • Associations and non-profit organizations
  • Bodies, Municipalities and Regions

We do ORM Corrections

We do corrections in the case of defamatory content, negative opinions, and reviews, incorrect information.

We make ORM Strengthening

Strengthening activities aimed at increasing discussions among users, citations on sites, blogs, and social networks, reviews on portals, whose purpose is to raise awareness and strengthen the brand.

We do Proactive ORM

Proactive consultancy oriented only to the stimulus of conversation and interaction between users, who in turn will amplify the attention towards a brand with spontaneous word of mouth.

ORM Detailed Report

After carrying out these operations, we will analyze the related data and provide a detailed report, highlighting the main factors regarding the Online Reputation Management activity, such as the number of contents on the internet before and after our intervention, their availability, brand awareness., user opinion, etc.

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Our ORM agency offers a complete service, which begins with the study and identification of all harmful content present online, and proceeds with their removal through the best strategies, which may involve the legal or the technical team.