PPC (Paid Advertisement on Google )

PPC Services or Google ads campaign management allows you to acquire new customers and increase sales and brand awareness with rates based on the positive results obtained.

Do you want your website to be visible on search engines in a short time? Would you like to increase profiled traffic, requests for quotes, and online sales? Would you like to advertise your company’s offers or services at certain times of the year? Do you need to promote your brand on sector sites related to your business?

The ideal solution for these needs is Paid Advertisement with Google Ads, more commonly known as Pay per Click (PPC). The name of this form of advertising means that you only pay based on the clicks received by the ads, therefore in the face of concrete and measurable results.

The main advantages of using Google Ads are three: the speed in activating a campaign, the possibility of profiling the target in a very profound way, and the flexibility related to the fact that this form of advertising is suitable for any budget.

Using PPC Services, it is possible to appear in a few hours with sponsored ads in Google search results (search network), in Google Shopping for searches for products that can be purchased on eCommerce, within mobile apps (universal app campaigns), on thematic sites partner of Google (display network), but also on YouTube and in the Gmail.

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The basic strategy includes:

Campaign Setup

First, we set up the new campaign to spend your budget in the smartest way possible. The goal is not to spend the whole budget but to have the acquisition cost as low as possible.

Content Creation

The Adwords budget will be optimized and distributed for the ads that perform best and that generate the most sales. The customer has control over the budget and decides how much to allocate to the campaign.

Cost Reduction

Reducing costs means making the campaign return and allowing you to have a positive ROI. It is essential to track visits and sales well to know which ads lead to actual sales and which ones need to be changed.

Punctual Reporting

Timely reports will be sent to the customer to allow you always to have the situation under control and possibly make changes to the budget. Particular importance will be given to the ROI and acquisition cost.

Punctual Reporting

Timely reports will be sent to the customer to allow you always to have the situation under control and possibly make changes to the budget. Particular importance will be given to the ROI and acquisition cost.

A valid Social Media Marketing Agency must generate growth for client audience, improve brand awareness and lead to the acquisition of profiled contacts, which after being attracted to various types of initiatives, will be nurtured, loyal, and therefore also directed towards the goal commercial.

The Stages of a Google Ads Consulting

PPC (Paid Advertisement) is one of the main components of a potential SEM campaign. A campaign of sponsored listings on search engines also supports visibility strategy, supports SEO projects and ranking, and increases their effectiveness in terms of expected performance.

Target Identification and Strategy Definition

Identification of target users
Development of a strategic plan to define the creation of search, display and remarketing campaigns
Benchmark of sector and competitors

Definition of Objectives and Budgets

Goal definition, KPI and conversion tracking setup
Interpretation of average CPC, acquisition/conversion costs and daily budget
Analysis and forecast clicks/impressions/conversions based on the predetermined budget

Ad Creation and Landing Page

Creation of advertisements for search and display networks
Development and Optimization of landing pages and squeeze pages related to ads
Content processing of emails

Monitoring, Reporting and Optimization

Constant monitoring of campaigns and KPIs
A / B continuous tests on announcements, copy and landing pages
Campaign optimization in terms of CPL and CPA reduction and ROI maximization
Sending reports regularly

Dedicated PPC Account Executive

PPC Accounts Executive is the expert in paid advertisement campaign management
It has the task of collecting all possible information about the product and maintaining connections between the client and the agency.
He set the campaign to the company and identifies the most suitable means for advertising the product. It is also called Contact man.
The account supervisor’s role is to handle the PPC work of the client.

Pay Per Click campaigns have an immediate impact and offer the company a much more extensive range of action and exposure following the display on the first page of the SERP on the leading search engines.

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