SEO Audit Services

We perform complete SEO Audit services of your website where we inform you of all the points you must change from your web to be able to rank on Google and other search engines.

Importance of SEO Audit

Failure detection and improvement opportunities.

The SEO audit shows very relevant data for a business with an online presence. For marketing purposes, it would be like doing a SWOT Analysis that reflects what, in their context, are the weaknesses, threats, strengths, and opportunities presented by the website, both technically and content-wise.

In our SEO audits we address a multitude of factors, according to the good practices and technical guidelines that the search engines dictate, which affect and are vital in SEO.

Optimization and Strategic Definition.

The advantages of implementing the results reflected in the report of an SEO audit are, for example, the increase in the number of pages (URLs) indexed and positioned, the improvement of relevance in content, the increase of natural visibility in search engines, avoiding algorithmic filters/degradations and/or manual penalties and, in general, an increase in more qualified organic traffic that means a greater number of leads (sales, contact requests, etc.).

Which websites need an SEO Audit?

To all kinds of businesses, be they SMEs or large companies, regardless of their location, target markets, search languages ​​, and dimensions of their website: real estate, restaurants, dental clinics, online stores, lawyers, hotels.

We can provide you with a critical point of view necessary to improve your portal and, therefore, increase your SEO visibility and sales.

To online marketing, advertising, communication agencies … that lack specialized SEO professionals. We become your own SEO department that manages your clients’ projects.

To professionals and web design and development companies who want to ensure that the projects they carry out for their clients meet all those criteria, guidelines, and good technical practices from the point of view of ranking in search engines.

What analysis do we include in our SEO Audit reports?

  • Initial SEO Analysis. As a starting point, we analyze the evolution of organic traffic, the dependence of SEO visits on total portal traffic, the progress of website indexing, the ratio of pages (URLs) that provide the greatest amount of organic visits.
  • Accessibility analysis, tracking, and indexing. The objective of this analysis is to make sure that each of the pages (URLs) that we are interested in indexing and, therefore, obtain organic visibility is in a position to be found and tracked by search robots, detect possible crawling problems and propose solutions to solve such problems. To do this, we review the status codes, the use of policies, the use of sitemaps, the speed, and loading performance of the different types of pages.
When conducting our SEO audits, we use the best tools on the market, including Screaming Frog, SEMRush, and Ahrefs, and, of course, we use Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The recommendations that we collect in our SEO reports are always backed by real data.

Why choose SEO Audit?

Since 2015, we were managing SEO projects in a multitude of sectors, in different markets and of different sizes and needs.

Our main clients are located in India, USA, Australia, and the UK and some other countries in the world many of them also with an international presence, give us a deep vision and experience that we apply to each project in which we participate, especially when we audit their websites. from the SEO point of view.

We are a team of SEO specialists in multipurpose, multidisciplinary, and very creative online marketing, led by Manish Verma (SEO consultant and director of the agency). We are characterized by our business vision. And we are very lucky that we love our work.

We are committed, serious, close, and transparent. We guide you and advise you from the first moment, getting involved in your company to help you sell more and be more visible in the organic results of search engines. Your goals are our goal.

We train a multitude of companies and professionals in SEO: we offer SEO courses, presentations, conferences, and training in a wide variety of public and private centers in India. In addition, we regularly attend digital marketing events and conferences throughout India, allowing us to be up-to-date on everything related to SEO and the exciting world of online marketing.

Do you need an SEO Audit?

You are in the right place. Few people know the importance of an SEO audit of a site before they start working on it.

When you go to give an SEO budget on any site, the first thing is to carry out an SEO audit of it, since in this way you will be able to make an estimate of the new hours and resources to invest in that project. Therefore, from a business point of view, an SEO audit is important so as not to get your fingers caught with a client.