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Why Webfrog SEO Team is Best for Website SEO Audit?

As a best SEO Agency in India, we will analyze or SEO Audit your entire website completely, looking for everything that does not allow you to increase your position in search engines. We will also analyze the position of your current website Keywords and also compare it with your competitors. We will present a report where you will see everything you need to do to position your website with guarantees.

One of the main objectives of your website is to obtain benefits. So it is essential to have a website that is fully optimized, to help you appear in the first search results, we help you get more sales. If you have a good digital marketing strategy, but your website is not SEO optimized, your project will not make sense.

As you can see, SEO Audit is a very important preliminary step to obtain the best results. This initial SEO analysis will save you time, money and resources, as it will help you know what the current situation of your page is and will clarify what are the steps to follow.

seo audit services for website

Check Titles, Descriptions, H1-H6 Tags, Size Of Page

We will check Titles and page headers (H1, H2, H3), Meta descriptions, Keyword Relevance, Navigability, Correct use of URLs, ALT image attributes, Keyword content and density, Sitemaps, Internal Link Structure, Broken links, Robots.txt file, Redirects, canonicalization and Site speed.

Scan All External And Internal Links On Web Page

Today, the most important thing is the quality and not the number of external links. With these links, we are getting reliability and trust from the different search engines. Google knows enough domains that offer links and can punish the pages of buyers. In SEO Audit we will check your external Links as well.

Check Google Score For Usability And Speed

Currently, most of us navigate from our mobile devices through slow-broadband networks, for this reason, the loading speed is very important both for the user and for the results that Google shows on mobile devices. We will verify the performance of a website using the PageSpeed ​​Insights (PSI) tool.

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The SEO Audit Service requires a lot of work and study. If a website is well structured, contains no errors, is fast and is ready to like Google, it is very likely that with work it will end up occupying the first positions. Position a web page requires a series of phases. A good SEO will take care of analyzing all aspects of the web efficiently.

SEO Audit is the first step to establish a solid foundation that will allow a website to be prepared to work an effective and successful Web Ranking. Do you want us to perform a complete audit of your website? Tell us a little what problems you have. We will answer you as fast as we can.


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Frequently asked questions about SEO Audit

Why work with our SEO Agency?

We are one of the Few and Best SEO and Online Marketing Agency in India that can offer you guaranteed SEO Audit and Services for your website. In Wrbfrog we have some of the best SEO Auditing Experts in India, with more than 10 years of extensive experience in SEO, This ensures that your project can achieve visible results on Google in the shortest possible time.

What will you receive after hiring the SEO Audit?

A full report will be sent in PDF + Excel Sheet Format with the Solutions to all errors detected step by step, as well as:

~ All the necessary data to overcome the competition.
~ Keyword study and Suggestions.
~ Strategies to grow with the blog.
~ Guidelines and tricks to increase traffic and sell more.
~ 1 hour of free consulting where you can ask me if you have any questions.
~ If you want us to take care of everything and apply the optimizations and improvements to your website or blog so that you do not have to do practically anything, then contact us and I give you a budget adjusted to your needs.

Why Website SEO Audit is Important?

Because a website without optimization is not rank well on Google. Currently, the position of a website on Google depends on more than 70% of it being optimized correctly.

Because a website without optimization runs the risk of being sanctioned by Google. 95% of the audited websites would have been sanctioned for these practices. A website sanctioned by Google is very difficult to recover, even after having invested in that website and its position. Google has very clear guidelines on how pages should be designed and optimized, so to position it is essential to follow its rules.

What benefits does it include?

~ Duplicate internal and external content: So that Google does not detect copy and penalize your website.
~ URL structure: That your website does not present errors in the organization of pages that hinder its indexing.
~ Tracking and indexing: Analysis of the current scenario and what visibility problems your site may have.
~ Meta tags: Problems related to titles, meta descriptions, and similar texts.
~ SEO Mobile: Did you know that you need a mobile-optimized site if you want to gain true relevance in search engines?
~ Broken links and 404 errors: Something that Google penalizes and the user too since it hinders the navigation of the user and potential client of your website.
~ Backlink profile verification: Inbound links to your website are one of the keys to position well are for Google to penalize you if they do not follow their guidelines!
~Loading speed: Not only does Google value your site loading fast. ! Customers too! And if he doesn’t, many of the visits that come to you will be leaving before he has been able to see what you have to say.
~A report with recommendations and instructions to solve errors and optimize the web.

Is it a monthly service?

You don’t have to do an SEO Audit every month to be able to position yourself on Google. But if every 3 to 4 months at least, what happens is that:

~ It is necessary to verify that the arrangements made after the first audit bear fruit.
~ Some errors and problems of a website are only detected after the first optimization.
~ This makes it highly recommended to carry out subsequent audits, in order to solve all the problems and make sure that your website is 100% prepared to position itself in Google.
~ For this reason, it is best to perform an audit every 3 to 4 months while changes are being corrected to analyze problems and results.

How long will it take to deliver the results?

Depending on the size of the website or blog and the work you have, We mark approximate delivery times of 5 to 7 working days.

What is the Payment Method for SEO Audit??

Payment will be made in advance once we have agreed that we will work to improve the website. Payment method: NEFT, IMPS, Google Pay, PhonePay, PayPal or PayTm.

Do You Want SEO Audit?

We have done more than 500 SEO Audits carried out and as a result of this work we have been able to identify the best SEO practices for different internet business models. If you need my SEO Audit service, contact us, tell us the address of your website and we will send you a personalized quote to help you improve your organic visibility in search engines.

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