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Every day, I receive emails from companies looking to hire an SEO expert in Calicut to rank their businesses keywords on Google, without even knowing the status of their websites. Before thinking about investing $200–$500 per month in an SEO service, businesses or companies should think about doing basic SEO optimization fundamentals. Today I am going to mention 7 important aspects that you have to know before hire an SEO Expert.

1. Are you focused on the user experience of your site?

A few years ago, each online seller wanted to maximize traffic to their page, regardless of whether the visitor found what they were looking for or not. It was enough to have many visitors to expose more of your brand or content.

With Google’s current policies, the competition now is for visitors to interact more with the website. The main focus is on the actions that will occur after each link is clicked. Ask yourself this: Will the user find the answers they are looking for once they click on your page?

Or will you have to keep clicking on other results that Google suggests? We must be able to satisfy the visitor’s intentions once they click on our page. The longer the visitor stays interacting with or reading the content of our page, the better the relevance ranking will be. Google SERP (search engine results page), CTR (click to rate), and Bounce Rate have become major manipulations for SEO professionals.

2. Write longer articles.

Recent studies show that articles that are between 1,200 and 1,500 words have better search engine results. This compares to studies from three years ago, when many online marketers opted to use short articles of around 300 words.

It has been proven that long articles are more productive than short ones and get more traffic and information. The best way to publish a long article is to separate it into parts with subheadings, points, and some images that are easy to remember. In this way, the readers will have an easier time and enjoy the time spent reading the entire article.

3. Add relevant videos.

The videos also serve to ensure that our page has a better result when it comes to being found by search engines. In research conducted by Webfrog IT Services, a leading digital marketing company in Calicut, they reported that videos contributed to more than 60% of the searches performed on Google.

Online videos were also reported to get better organic results than text-only pages. Therefore, it would be good to include a video that is attractive but not too long. This will also increase clicks on search engines.

4. Include a voice search function.

Google has enabled people to use voice search. This is very useful when the user is multitasking, driving, or even taking a bath. The voice search feature has eliminated the need to type in keywords for a search.

Most of the latest mobile devices have a voice search function, so we can incorporate this function into our website. For example, Domino’s Pizza includes voice orders on its website. In this way, it will be easier for customers to place orders from any place or situation.

5. Do not forget the local positioning.

Many start-ups focus on the rest of the country or the world to boost their SEO rankings. Experts advise that people should turn to local SEO in order to bolster their popularity online.

Google also requires sellers to declare their location using local SEO. Focus on the local crowd before spreading your wings further.

6. How fast does your website load?

Google offers us free tools to analyze the speed of our page. We just have to enter the URL of our site, and the tool will point out areas for improvement to increase the speed of our page. There are many websites that lack this basic aspect of positioning.

7. You have to have a version compatible with phones.

Above all, we must ensure that we optimize our website for mobile devices. In this way, many people will be able to access and read the content of our page in a simple and comfortable way from wherever they are.

Once we have done this, Google will mark our site as “mobile friendly” next to our SERP (search engine results page). Remember that it is possible that more than 80% of your users are visiting your page from their mobile phones.


So now you know, before contacting an SEO expert in Calicut, get down to work so that your site has the basic optimization characteristics, and if you have doubts about how to do it, you can consult a digital marketing agency to ask for help with this.

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