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SEO Friendly URLs

In on-site SEO, we often talk about how to create the right URL for web pages. But what are  SEO Friendly URLs? Why should you optimize URLs? 

URL optimization doesn’t seem like a challenging task, but it is an essential aspect of search engine rankings. Let’s see everything there is to know about it.

SEO Friendly URL is those that describe the content of the web page they lead and are easy to understand, remember, and communicate.

To explain it better, let’s see an example of unfriendly URL:


As we can see, this URL is neither descriptive nor easy to understand or communicate.

An example of an SEO friendly URL would be:


Some advantages of SEO friendly URLs are:

  • They are easy for users to understand, providing information about where they are
  • Improve web positioning
  • They provide information on the structure of the website
  • They are easy to communicate to another person, for example by phone
  • They are much more aesthetic for, for example, printing them on brochures

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