SEO Services India

We provide the most BRUTAL AND THE POWERFUL SEO Services India! We are Always on First Places with Unbeatable Ranking & References. We are 100% Verified SEO Service Provider and ranked more than 2000 Keywords on the First page of Google and Bing. Call Us Today +91 9818911193.

SEO Audit Services

The SEO audit shows very relevant data for a business with an online presence. For marketing purposes, it would be like doing a SWOT analysis that reflects what, in their context, are the weaknesses, threats, strengths, and opportunities presented by the website, both technically and content-wise.

In our SEO audits, we address a multitude of factors, according to the good practices and technical guidelines that the search engines dictate, which affect and are vital in SEO.
  1. We do a complete SEO audit of your website. We analyze your website in detail. The goal increased quality traffic and sales.
  2. Detection of technical and content errors. We found all the problems that hinder your search engine visibility.
  3. Report with tips to improve your positioning. We give you all the guidelines and good practices to improve your SEO.

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Ecommerce SEO Services

Do you want to rank your online eCommerce store in Google and want to increase online sales?

Selling is the main objective of a commerce website, but to achieve the success of your online store you need to get visits, the first step to take off. With the combined action of On-Page and Off-Page SEO Services you will get:
  • Get more visibility on the Internet
  • Appear on the first pages of Google when a user searches for your products
  • Create attractive product sheets without duplicate content
  • Know which products are the most wanted and how to offer added value
  • Build trust and improve online reputation
  • Appear on major sales platforms and eCommerce directories
  • Improve the user experience and elements that determine the purchase decision
  • Increase the conversion%

What are you waiting to sell online? Request information about the search engine optimization services today!

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Local SEO Services

We are specialists in Local SEO Services in India. According to Google, 30% of all search queries have a local intention and therefore it becomes increasingly important that both small and large companies ensure that they are ranked in the local search results.

At Webfrog IT Services we have the experience and knowledge to guarantee the local SEO of your Business. We promote your business in search engines, obtaining greater visibility of your company for local clients.
  • Sending and managing data in Google Local.
  • Website optimization for Google maps.
  • Sending and updating data to Listings directories.
  • Generation of citations and evaluations.
  • Position monitoring.

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Enterprise SEO

Do you want to improve you’re Enterprise SEO Ranking on Google?

Broadly speaking, SEO for Enterprise or big companies’ websites requires similar tasks regardless of the market sector in which the company moves. There are several ways to get your Enterprise or Business rank in Google or to gain a greater presence on the internet.

Even so, the SEO strategy for Enterprise must be carefully defined, it is not the same as SEO the website dedicated to small websites or companies. We have an SEO Agency for Enterprise SEO Services India. We provide complete SEO Services throughout India. Get in Touch.

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Amazon SEO

We offer the best Amazon SEO Services in India for your business.

Webfrog is your SEO consulting Agency in India and AMAZON SEO 360º AGENCY. We help you SELL IN AMAZON and meet the objectives of your brand.

We manage your accounts on Amazon, we register your products and your catalog on Amazon, we perform all SEO Services, and Market products within Amazon, the world’s largest marketplace.

If you want to start selling on Amazon easily whether you are a company, self-employed or private and you do not want to worry about anything, trust the management of your Amazon account with Webfrog IT Services Amazon Experts

Why Us for Amazon SEO Services?

  • We offer you a comprehensive service focused on selling on amazon
  • A team of more than 30 e-commerce SEO specialists
  • Management and technical optimization
  • Continuous SEO optimization

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SEO Content Writing Services

When we surf the internet, we consume infinite content. Texts are essential for search engines; When crawling websites, they categorize them according to the keywords they contain. For this reason, it is extremely important to respect certain guidelines and guidelines in your writing to achieve good natural ranking.
  • For marketing, advertising, and communication agencies that lack expert SEO Content Writing Services and SEO-oriented Content Writing Services, staff.
  • Our SEO Content Writing agency has more than 5 years of experience. We publish the content your clients are looking for.
  • Marketing of quality content. If you want to improve your SEO in Google, you need good content.
  • SEO Content Writing Services for blogs, online stores, or websites. Always optimized to enhance the keywords of your business.

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SEO Consulting India

Webfrog SEO agency of recognized national and international prestige that has numerous recognitions and success stories.

We work for multinationals, large companies, and portals of all kinds, from consumer banking to many of the leading Internet companies and many of the biggest companies on the Internet.

For every online company, the Internet is key to their business trust our online marketing strategies, which is why we fully understand how necessary the results are in the short, medium and long term, so that we base our SEO Consulting actions on the search for investment returns both in the short, medium and long term.

Among our clients, we find a multitude of success stories and great references in:

Why Webfrog for SEO Consulting India, Because we provide:

  • Consulting for Small and Big Business
  • Consulting for online stores
  • Consulting for financial entities
  • Consulting for  insurance comparators
  • Consulting for online stores
  • Consulting for business schools
  • Consulting for every sector in the world

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Multilingual SEO

When launching a global e-shop or a multi-language website, you have to deal with many complexities: technical SEO optimization, website translation, international SEO, content management, and Global Multilingual SEO.

Webfrog IT Services specializes in multilingual SEO Services (Global SEO), and makes the best Search engine optimization strategies at an international level.

Start expanding your online presence overseas and boost your exports with Webfrog!

In order to grow an e-business and help it succeed internationally, there are a number of strategies a small and big business company can implement. In the internet age, an effective Global Multilingual SEO strategy is more than ever a strategic imperative.

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SEO Link Building

The link building is critical for everyone when working on a search engine optimization project.

Links are interpreted by search engines as a vote, as a sign that the linked page is of quality and relevant in our sector.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a strategy that guarantees a regular and progressive link building. However, not all links are equally valid, and poorly planned link building can compromise the viability of your project in the long term.

Our link building services include the search and selection of the best keywords for your business (keyword research). In this way, we only select the keywords that will offer you the best results for your company.

We Know only two and the best link building factors that work.

  • Natural Link Building: the links captured will come from pages in your sector that ensure the naturalness of the strategy
  • Quality Link Building: we always make sure that the links built to come from quality platforms

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On-Page SEO Services

Within the world of Search Engine Optimization, On-Page SEO, or Meta tags SEO is a must.

These tags serve to indicate to Google and other search engines what content is on a page. The idea is to summarize in a few characters the type of content that is being indexed. Labeling the contents of a website is very important since search engines will have a clearer idea of ​​the structure of the page.

These are the information tags that are added to the HTML code of a web page for search engines. These meta tags are the code by which search engine robots will determine the content of your website.

The On-Page SEO Goals are created for search engines and they are very important for a website ranking because if the Google robots do not read your website, they will not know its content. Meta-tags are lines of HTML code that are incorporated into each of the pages of your website.

From Wikipedia, studies show that most users don’t go beyond the Top 20 in search engine results.

To be able to appear in the first positions, we must have the keywords to be optimized focused and we should focus on the On-Page SEO factors of our website in an optimized way. The meta tags must be correctly optimized for our SEO.

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Off-Page SEO Service

The importance of Off-Page SEO, or link building, is undeniable.

It is a fundamental aspect of SEO. In order for Google to find our website, you need links from another web page, and the greater the number of links, the better it will be for SEO Rankings. However, special care must be taken with the quality of the links, as there are some that can negatively affect the site.

The Off-Page SEO Service is about a marketing technique to get links from other sites to our own page. Furthermore, it is understood as a “way” for users to navigate between different pages on the internet.

There are several techniques for building links, and although they vary in difficulty, it is one of the tasks that you must have the most commitment for your results to be visible.

If the links they refer to us are of high quality, the search engines will evaluate us as a popular site and we will be better ranked in SEO.

For this reason, it is important to know that not all links are the same, some being better than others. In other words, a link from an authorized website and, preferably related to ours, will be worth much more than a link that comes from a smaller website without popularity.

Like any SEO technique, before applying a link building plan, you must be clear about certain fundamental aspects such as the target audience, what this same audience is looking for when they start browsing, what type of web pages these users visit, etc..

At Webfrog SEO Agency we have the all necessary tools to carry out Off-Page SEO or Link building.

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Video / Youtube SEO

Today no one doubts the importance of video or youtube as a promoter of its content on the Internet. A well SEO Optimized video brings prestige to a brand, and leads visitors to its website, with the consequent increase in its sales possibilities.

YouTube is currently the second most important search engine in the world and belongs to Google. In addition, hosting quality and long-lasting videos is free, so we can (must) take advantage of the platform to boost our business on the Internet through SEO.

Youtube provides another advantage, generally little exploited. For some searches, Google shows a Youtube video as the first SEO result. Logically, the Google search engine shows that video that is already in the first position for that keyword on YouTube

In this way, if we rank one of our videos in the first position on YouTube, in practice we will be doing it on the first page of Google.

This is a great advantage, and significant time and cost savings for our clients since positioning a video are much faster than SEO a web page or website.

  1. It provides visits to its website. Correctly configure a video, placing a link to your website or one of its sections will provide you with visits and sales possibilities.
  2. It brings prestige and brand image. If, in addition to an optimized website with interesting content, we provide the visitor with a video describing your products and services, or showing their facilities, they will increase their authority in the sector.
  3. Pushes your SEO on Google. A video in the first position on YouTube, with links to its website, will give a boost to its ranking in Google.

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Google Penalty Recovery Services

Have you suffered a sudden major loss of traffic and/or a substantial drop in your ranking that you did not expect? It is possible that you have been affected by a Google penalty (automatic or manual) and do not know how to proceed.

We are here to assist you in the recovery process to rescue your traffic.

To solve the problem of a Google penalty and recover your web traffic, we follow a very specific strategy to help you succeed. Therefore, our service has the following actions:

  1. Backlink data collection.
  2. Personalized diagnosis of possible threats.
  3. Identification of spam links.
  4. Realization of domain reconsideration.
  5. Use of disavowal tools.
  6. Analysis and contingency plan of possible penalization.

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SEO Reseller Service

Are you interested in being part of Webfrog SEO Team?

Become an SEO Reseller oof our service, currently, SEO is an essential tool in any web or business, with our SEO Reseller program you can get great benefits.

This program is ideal for companies that offer Web Design Services, Web Hostings, Web Page Design Agencies, Online Marketing Consulting, Internet Advertising Agencies, WEB / Graphic Designing, PPC, offering it as an added value or additional plus of a more expensive product or service, etc.

If your clients contract their SEO Web promotion with us, they will increase their volume of business through the Internet, generating, in turn, a greater volume of business for you, since they will request updates and services more often.

In addition, you have for your clients our satisfaction guarantee for (SEO) services. By trusting us, you ensure the success of your clients.

Do I receive any commission?

Of course, you will receive significant commissions every month for each of the clients who have contracted our search engine optimization services through your company, even the months that you do not generate new clients.

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Small Business SEO Service

The SEO for small businesses is so important (or more) than SEO for big brands and companies that are torn between the top of the SERPs.

We know that Small and medium-sized companies in India that struggle every day to stay afloat. Companies with managers who do not have time to worry about the internet world, but who are concerned about attracting new customers.

Today the big brands dominate their business area. It is difficult for small and medium-sized companies and small entrepreneurs to leave their mark on these areas, as competition is very high.

But with Webfrog SEO Experts, even these small companies can attract more clients through effective SE0 strategies.

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WordPress SEO Services

According to the latest Website Development Reports, 40% of the websites and blogs around the world are programmed in WordPress. All of them, to meet your marketing objectives, need to attract qualified traffic. Therefore, it is necessary to know the most important SEO factors for WordPress.

We provide professional WordPress SEO services in India2015. We multiply your website visits with a perfectionist and ethical work in the creation of web architecture and content-oriented to organic SEO and give you quality visits!

Although WordPress has great SEO potential, for search engine optimization, it is important to follow the right techniques s to optimize it and configure it perfectly for Google and other web search engines.

Let’s conquer and rank your website at the top of Google!

Without trap or cardboard; We develop realistic SEO campaigns in Google and other search engines, with their feet on the ground, faithful to the profile of your company, and with objectives that give results.

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