Well, that is undoubtedly a very interesting question for the case that concerns us. Certainly, there are many SEO search engine optimization companies, Agencies, Freelancers in India that are on the first page on Google from different SEO Keywords.

But today, it is Google and its algorithm who owns the frying pan by the handle and since we are treated as religious followers, we must be attentive to their signals and follow the path indicated by the technological giant.

When we talk about “signals”, we are referring to changes in the algorithm, since Google often makes such alterations, to optimize and improve the user experience, and, why not say it, to prevent “unwritten regulations” existing one turns against the own logic of reason of being of the seeker.

As we say, over the years, Google has been refining its algorithm and refining the necessary factors so that when it comes to designing web pages, a series of guidelines are taken into account to be strong in two fundamental aspects:

The authority: Google takes into account the popularity index that a website hosts. Therefore, the more popular that website has, the search engine gives more value to its content. This factor is generated based on user experience, which shows that Google is interested in showing what people want to see.

Relevance: is the relationship that exists between a web page, and the search pattern by which you want it to be found. Finding the key to strengthen this relationship is the goal of all SEO techniques.