It is useless to have the best website or eCommerce in the world if nobody knows it and, therefore, visits it. At Webfrog we help you develop a strategy aimed at increasing your traffic and, incidentally, improving your business. Do you want to know how we do it?

Organic SEO

Organic SEO depends on more than 200 factors, both external and internal. On the one hand, we review all the technical aspects of your website related to organic SEO so that Google begins to position them correctly: meta tags, microformats, loading time, content, links, etc.

90% of the web projects that come into our hands lack any type of technical optimization. On the other hand, we work on competency SEO to define a guide that sets the tone for the content strategy to be developed. And it is as important to communicate as to do it in the appropriate way.

Lastly – and no less important – we work monthly to rank your company with the defined business keywords. Do you want to know more about it?

Google Penalty Management

If you’re having trouble with your organic traffic, it may be due to a partial Google penalty on some of its latest updates.

At Webfrog we can help you reverse the situation thanks to our experience in managing SEO penalty cases, always relying on the best tools on the market.

Online Advertising

Google (Search, Display, and Youtube) brings together the highest percentage of investment in online advertising, but there is life beyond this platform.

At Webfrog we help you define and execute the advertising mix necessary for your business, optimizing your campaigns and getting the maximum return on your online investment.

Also, if you are working with other agencies, we can help you audit your online advertising campaigns: bids, copies, schedules, extensions, targets, etc.

Social Networks

82% of Indians between 18 and 55 years old use social networks. 89% of users follow a brand on social networks.

Social Networks are the support of the image of our corporate brand on the internet, the channel through which we introduce ourselves to users. Therefore, what we say and how we say it defines our identity, both for good and for bad.

It is essential to have the means and adequate planning to correctly communicate our personality. Whether you already use social media and want us to help you out with its management, or if you need us to design a communication plan from the start, at Webfrog we have a wide range of services with which to help you.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is, in essence, a methodology for attracting users through non-intrusive techniques, which seeks to accompany the user during the decision-making process through quality content, in order to help them until they become a customer.

At Webfrog we believe that Inbound Marketing is the best strategy to communicate, convert and retain your clients, as long as it is based on a good strategy and correct execution.

Lead Nurturing

It is not about sending mass mailings to our database, talking over and over again about our products, services, and achievements. It is about accompanying the potential client from their first contact with our brand, offering them information about the personalized value and relevant to their needs.

Usually, mailing and Lead Nurturing actions are usually included in Inbound Marketing strategies, since the generation of quality content associated with the needs of our potential clients is one of the main strategic keys.