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SEO Expert India

Things You Should Know Before Hire SEO Expert in India

SEO Expert Meaning

I could say I’m an SEO Expert in India, a specialist SEO or SEO analyst. Clearly, yes. Well, I don’t say it, a search engine like Google’s says it since I’m on the front page for the keyword SEO Expert and its derivatives as an SEO expert or. That is, I could dare to say that I am one of the best SEO experts.

But let’s return to the topic, what is SEO Expert? We could say that it is all the professional that analyzes the results of the Google SERP and the website of its customers to draw the best strategy that ends in the position of the client’s website.

For every expert SEO Expert, the important thing should not be the position reached in the SERP for this or that keyword, if not the organic and quality traffic that comes to our website every month.

You need an SEO expert in India for your project

If you are thinking of hiring an SEO Expert you are in the right place Many of those who search SEO specialists make it fearful because they do not really know what it is to rank a website or for previous bad experiences.

But what is certain is that with the growing competition that exists on the internet and especially in electronic commerce, the figure of a professional who understands search engines and searches engine ranking becomes increasingly necessary.

The work of an SEO specialist is threefold: on the one hand to get quality organic traffic, on the other hand, to convert that traffic into sales or leads and finally educate the client or an organization if they are working for third parties.

Why hire an SEO Expert for Website?

An SEO expert loves his work and every day he gets up with the sole objective of being the best and going above all in the Google SERP. Most clients do not have enough knowledge, nor the time, to face the task of ranking a website in search engines. Therefore, the main reason for hiring an SEO expert is almost always the lack of technical knowledge to perform this task.

How to know he/she is an expert in SEO?

If you have reached us by an organic search then we are experts in SEO. This is the best way to know, that is, if the seller of an SEO service is not on the front page, he cannot be considered an expert or SEO specialist.

To do this, put your search engine in “incognito mode” and I recommend that you use the following “keywords”: SEO Expert in India, SEO India Packages, SEO Analyst, and many others in which we are on the first page.

What achievements have you achieved in search engine optimization?

Most SEO Experts in India or the best SEO agencies have that information on the web so it is easy to know the success they have had in their SEO projects. Do not trust those SEO consultants who put the excuse of confidentiality so as not to reveal their success stories. In this way, you will have more information to value the investment that must be made both in time and in economic resources.

Do you really need SEO Expert for your website?

To answer this type of question the first thing is to know if you are a freelancer, SME or large company and you also need to know what your business is. The SEO as a discipline of digital marketing is having increased strength and is becoming a strategic factor for many companies so an SEO expert that is right for your needs can become a totally decisive human factor the business strategy of your company.

Are you looking for an expert in local SEO?

The local SEO today is very important because 40% of searches are local. Each client has some needs and SEO strategies will not always be the same in all clients. Ask your SEO professional about the different strategies he manages and the success he has had in implementing them.

Local SEO strategies are important for local businesses and of course, the competition is not the same in Madrid as in Ávila. The competition will determine the intensity of the actions in the local SEO strategy.

Are you looking for an SEO expert in Ecommerce?

The organic SEO of an eCommerce is the most difficult challenge facing an expert in SEO. Many say that the SEO in eCommerce has died or that it is not worth it because, they argue that before the avalanche of ads, which increasingly occupy more results from the Google SERP, SEO has the days counted. Nothing could be further from the truth, the conversion of organic results is in most cases superior to the results of Google Adwords or Google Shopping campaigns.

In addition, the avalanche of e-commerce in the online market is overwhelming since more than 50% of people already buy online, 2 in 5 Rupee is spent on online purchases and turnover in 2020 was almost 40,000 MM Rupees.

With this data, we can say that at the moment being an SEO expert in Ecommerce is not a downward profession, quite the opposite.

Qualities of an SEO Expert.

The first quality of SEO Experts or Specialists must be autonomy, that is, it must be an autonomous and proactive professional capable of solving problems on the fly.

It must be a person who is updated on the different positioning techniques and updates that the Google algorithm suffers since what works today in the SEO world tomorrow may not work anymore.

And above all, you must be a passionate person with your work since only in this way will you achieve that all or almost all your SEO projects are success stories.

Techniques used by an SEO Expert Consultant to Rank a website

There are several techniques to rank a website on the first page of Google or improve the position of your website in SEO consultant mode. Let’s look at some of these techniques.

Improve the internal linking of your website

Everyone knows that linking those sections or categories of your website internally improves the ranking of the website, but how to perform this interlinking? I particularly use the following method:

  • Investigate those URLs that have a higher Internal Page Rank
  • Investigate those pages or URLs that have more visits
  • Link from these pages to those we want to position

You will be wondering what anchor text profile to use. Simple, for internal linking you can be aggressive and link with an exact keyword width.

The essential thing about this technique is to search for those URLs with a higher Internal Page Rank, remember it.

Another of my techniques is to link to the URLs that are generated from the Content Indexes. In this way, we achieve that the positioning of the long tails is triggered.

Content Audit

Personally I recommend doing a content audit every year to look for new keywords, improvement opportunities, cannibalizations, thin content and thus generate “ fresh content ” that guarantees an improvement in the ranking of our website.

Once the content audit has been carried out, we can evaluate what content is worth being indexed and which one we should index.

Generate Quality Content for the Website

Focus your content to respond to the user or solve the problem of your users. If your content is well focused on a specific keyword and the content responds to the user, that content will succeed in Google and will be rank well.

To do this, perform powerful keyword research (do not mind investing time in this aspect), structure the contents of the web well to avoid subsequent cannibalizations.

How many SEO experts do you know?

The truth is that professional SEO Experts are a bit self-centered and we think that each of us is the best. But obviously there is always another one better than us. Although the truth is that among us there are usually “good vibes” and camaraderie.

What is clear is that I am not going to give you the name of the competition, but what I can tell you is that in Delhi and India we have great SEP Expert professionals.

How much do the services of an SEO expert cost?

This point is difficult to define since SEO Expert services have prices or SEO rates that can vary from just a few hundred rupees to thousands. This will depend on several factors:

The competition of the sector or niche.
The deficiencies in the web.
Content writing.
SEO reports

All these factors make a project totally different from any other, so its price can vary greatly. We never give a budget without analyzing the web and talking to the client, as many clients look for very cheap SEO with spectacular results. The latter does not usually work.