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About Me

My name is Manish Verma and I am an SEO Freelancer in Delhi, INDIA. I worked as an SEO Freelancer in Delhi from last 7 years and work on freelance SEO projects for my clients across the Globe. I am glad to tell you that I have worked full time for so many big companies in Delhi, NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Bangalore etc.

After leaving my permanent job as an SEO Manager in the Multinational company in Delhi. I wanted to do something different in my life and I decided to help Small, Medium, and Startup companies in Delhi and NCR. It’s been 7 years now since I work as a full-time SEO Freelancer in Delhi. I am happy to tell you that SEO is not a rocket science. It’s a beautiful fundamental or technique and improves time to time.

The only thing you need is to update your SEO skills as per Google latest updates, algorithm changes, and according to new Guidelines. For this, I attend Google seminars and SEO workshops as well. Now we are in the year 2018, it’s really a good time to meet with your friend and SEO Consultant in Delhi.

I am Google & HubSpot Certified SEO Expert

By profession I am a Digital Marketing Professional, This means I do Organic SEO, Social Media Marketing as well as paid search marketing. (I am Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Display Network, Google Search Network, Inbound Sales & Email Marketing by HubSpot Academy certified professional.

I would glad to say that SEO and Digital Marketing is my first wife from last 7 years and it was a love at first sight. 7 years ago, I got married to SEO and Digital marketing and done mastered in Lead Generation through organic and Paid Marketing. In short, I love both SEO and Digital Marketing as well. I and My wife (SEO) help Small, Medium and Big business to grow with the help of my extraordinary SEO and Internet Marketing techniques.

Can SEO work on my website?

First of all, let’s start with my website www.webfrog.in, I am glad to tell you that I am getting a lot of leads every day from this website. Because it ranks on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and even on Yandex (Russian Search Engine also) from so many low, medium and highly competitive keywords like SEO expert in Delhi, SEO expert, SEO Consultant, SEO consultant in Delhi, SEO Freelancer in Delhi and much more another keyword.

“I am afraid to say the truth that I cannot rank everyone’s website” Yes its True.
Suppose your website had a lot of fresh content & new images. But your website layout is static, unresponsive, all page have static URLs like www.xyz.com/123/wwe.com, have a lot of scripts (CSS & JavaScript) have so many links to irrelevant websites.

For that types of websites, I need a more time, money and special strategy planning before going into the project.

These types of websites also rank, but first, you must know the truth, everyone must understand that SEO is a race between you and others. For example, just like sports like cricket or Tennis, You only need hard work, dedication, and skills to win. You have to train hard yourself to beat your competitors.

Let talk about another SEO example

Let’s say you have a 25 years old daughter and her weight is 95 kgs. You have a dream that after 3 months your daughter should win the 400m Olympic race. After that you go to a gym or any private coach and say that you want your daughter to win 400m Olympics after 3 months, and ask him a question can you do this?

Now its a responsibility for a good gym trainer or coach to give you a genuine advice and feedback. Now the gym coach told you that your daughter may not be ready to participate in the next Olympic race.

Because it’s a very hard competition and your daughter must lose here weight and prepare herself to participate in that race.

The first and the best thing we can do is to start the training process, where your daughter must reduce her weight and start running and daily exercise to build speed and stamina.
Then second, we will involve her in small races for practice and then she participates in Olympic races or even in Marathon.

The Analogy with SEO

If someone contact to do an SEO for there website, with rubbish website design or duplicate content and say that kindly rank my website from the keyword Travel website in Delhi in next 3 to 6 months and the most important thing that they don’t want to change the rubbish design structure and content of their website.

Then I simply say “NO” because I know that website will never rank.

There are thousands of SEO Experts, SEO Freelancers in Delhi, SEO Professionals and other SEO & Agencies in Delhi, who still take these projects and say yes to earn money, but after 3 to 6 months you know the truth. “That’s y I simply say No.

I know the value of every client time, money and most important “The Trust”. As a Freelance SEO expert, I guide every client about whole SEO fundamentals and entire process and also consult them to change their website old structure, design, experience, Images and content first to rank on 1st page of Google.

After that changes their website will definitely rank from their top target keywords in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and worldwide.

Once the website gains a good traffic from local keywords, Then I plan for next level of highly competitive keywords like in India, in the UK, in the USA and go on as per client requirements. I also work on multi-language SEO keywords.

But the question is Why do you need SEO?

For example, let’s talk about real estate – The first thing is, The real estate market is not so competitive from local keywords. The competition from local keywords is very low and if we talk about opportunity, “It is limitless”. Yes, LIMITLESS 😊

This is the good time to choose Real Estate SEO (The first position on search engine with the help of SEO expert consultant) for all of your primary and business related keywords like (real estate developers etc). This will give your website more advantage in long-term rank.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is getting expensive day by day: Yes, everyone knows that PPC (Paid Advertising) is the easiest and quick way to rank on the first page of Google (for short time). I know this is a good but it’s only for those who have a higher budget and want leads for short time period. As per latest research and calculation, these leads cost you 500 times higher than SEO Project

The smart and business minded people invest in SEO: at the very early stage by engaging an SEO agency or a Freelance SEO Expert in parallel with your Paid campaigns. The main motive behind this to reduce dependency on PPC campaigns.

Beat the competition: If you are new in the business and digital world but you have great ideas, Products or any other services which people will like or search on Google or Bing. Then the Search engine optimization is the best option and can definitely help you to beat your competitors without burden a big hole in your budget and pocket. Especially if you are from Business to Business means (B2B business industry).

Most of the peoples make this SEO Mistakes. Are you one of them?

I noticed that most of the companies and individual do the same mistake that they design or develop their website before SEO process. After that, they hire an SEO consultant, Freelance SEO Expert or SEO Agency for search engine optimization of their website.

The truth is SEO should be started before website designing or development. The people who outsource their website project to SEO Freelancers in Delhi and any other state after the complete development process face some difficulties because most of the website designing freelancers, companies, and agencies don’t have in-house SEO Expert employees and SEO professional to give them right guidance on SEO Practices. Most of them have a junior lever SEO Executives.

The Web Development companies only focus to complete the project as per discussed with the client.

If you really want a lot of organic and good traffic on your website, then you should hire a Search Engine Optimization expert at an early stage of web development. The right coordination and guidance of SEO Expert with your web development team members is very important to implement the right strategy for SEO.

The SEO Architecture or SEO Strategy.

The architecture or module of the website is very similar to the construction of an apartment or a building. “I am giving you one more good example on this topic”. Suppose you are planning to buy a floor or apartment in Delhi. The toilet entry of an apartment is from balcony and drawing room entry from a bathroom. How difficult it would be for everyone to go to toilet and drawing room in this case.

Your website is also just like your floor, where you would like to have right entrance and right exit way for internal web pages.

I recommend you to before thinking about rank a website through SEO from your target keywords. You should make your website user, and both google friendly. If your business or agency is in India, USA, UK, Africa, or anywhere near to Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad or Ghaziabad, then my SEO consulting services will help you to remove roadblocks in your website and make your website 101% eligible and friendly for users and also for search engines like Google and Bing.

Onpage SEO

Let’s talk about on-site SEO or On Page SEO with real-life examples. I would like to remind you of your college days or school days. Where we had an internal and external assessment. Everyone remember that internal assessment had some very easy questions which help every student to improve marks and also improve their chance to be a topper in school or college.

Just like on-page SEO, on page SEO is just like internal assessment, where we should focus on easy SEO points like: (HTML, CSS & Javascript Errors, Meta Title, Meta Description, Image Optimization, Mobile friendliness, Duplicate content check, canonicalization and some more important factors). Maybe you listen to all these words the first time and feel little tricky. But its a regular exercise for me😊

I can help you with on-page SEO expert services and help you get maximum output from your website and beat your compositors straight away on Google or Bing.

Let’s talk about Off-site SEO – Natural and Relevant Link Building

Let’s talk about me, I am Freelance SEO professional in Delhi. I want to write an article on the SEO Topics like “How SEO can help you rank better on search engines”. Now I am searching for SEO related content on the internet, Wow, I found a blog called “SEO best practices” on search engine related to my search.

Now I read that blog and check that website as well. I found that there is a sign-up option on that website for those who want to share the thoughts and articles. After signing up process I write a blog about “SEO best techniques” and link back that blog to my website. This link count as fruitful for both my website www.webfrog.in

This is the only technique I told you. There are thousands of another Off-Page SEO techniques and other factors I use for Natural Link Building. The search engines like Google and Bing love these types of Natural and relevant links. And because of these links Google Trust your brand and Domain name as well and rank higher your Domain from your target keywords.

SEO Company or SEO Freelancer in Delhi – Which is better?

I know this is a tough question, But I love tough things.
Friendly speaking there is not so many ways to choose the better one and I also know most of the peoples blindly trust an SEO company or SEO Freelancer in Delhi or other states.

However, in my 7 years of career as an SEO consultant for so many companies, individuals, and agencies. I experienced that most of the SEO companies and SEO agencies work like a manufacturer and every SEO project is an assembly line for them, Most of them treat every project with the same technique and same methodology.

I also noticed that most of the SEO companies have Junior level SEO employees who don’t know how to make a natural link building and how to do right On-Page SEO. They just copy paste same content into thousand of irrelevant websites. Just because they are pressurized to make big reports for clients. “Yes this is True”

Because of their unprofessional or in my language “Black Hat SEO techniques” the website got penalized in 2 to 3 months and the client doesn’t even know that what’s going behind his back after given the money.

The truth is SEO works differently for every sector or industry. Some SEO techniques work for the Medical companies may not work for Real Estate companies. If you company SEO Experts with SEO Agencies or Companies you noticed that I listen to the need and requirements of my clients, analysis and R&D the competition and the strategy and then I implement it.

I always keep in mind that what is better for client and industry. I
also, know that “Painful truth is better than a pleasant Lie”

How much do I charge?

To be very frank I want to say 3 words “I am Expensive”

Yes, its true I am expensive than others SEO freelancers in Delhi, India. But compare to SEO agencies or SEO companies my SEO Price or SEO charges in under budget. I am expensive because of my working style and techniques. I give personal attention to my client’s and on their websites. I give 10 times better result than SEO agencies and SEO Companies. I always try to give 200% result in minimum time.

Most of the SEO Agencies and companies try to convince clients to make the one short payment for 6 months. (Don’t ever do this). Most of the people do this mistake and they get into the trap for 6 months.

There is not a good point to hire a cheap SEO Freelancer for Longtime compare to SEO expert for short time period. Because if cheap SEO freelancer or SEO Agency fails after 4 to 6 months and unable to give your expected results. Your time and money both wasted. And I believe that time is more important than money.

What services included in SEO Packages?

I provide complete SEO Services like On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and Link Building etc; my service SEO include a complete audit of the website. On-Site SEO changes and recommendations, Image optimization, Duplicate content, URL rewriting, and Natural link building.

I also have a small team of web designers, developers, graphic designers and SEO content writers, who help me in technical changes and writing fresh quality SEO content writing for the website and Off Page SEO link building.

In short, I can manage each and every SEO project from website redesign to SEO copywriting. Read all SEO Plans and prices here.

Can we meet and discuss SEO Project?

“A BIG YES” It’s my pleasure to meet you personally anywhere in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad region. I can come to your place and love to listen to your requirements and thoughts. We can also fix a meeting at a central place which is suitable for both of us and can discuss your SEO Project.

If you are living out of Delhi, NCR or India, then we also can be meeting on Skype, WhatsApp of Hangout. Which is better than face to face meeting because it saves time 😊

Need 1st Page result in Google and Bing? Get in Touch 🙂

January 17, 2018
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