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Social Media Networks are the most popular communities on the internet, within which millions of users worldwide gather to talk and interact.

Day after day, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, to mention the most famous, grow exponentially, recording increasingly frequent accesses and long browsing sessions.

The affirmation of these new forms of aggregation makes these contexts an extraordinary opportunity to promote your company, expand the network of contacts, interact with users, or retain active customers.

Promoting oneself on social networks in an effective way is, however, only possible through a medium-long term marketing strategy, which must be reasoned to involve users in an area where the traditional commercial approach has marginal effects.

Social media should not be considered exclusively as a direct sales channel. Still, as a context for also and above all, building relationships, trust, improving the perception of one’s brand, factors which subsequently serve to influence the user purchasing process.

Strengthen Your Brand On Social Media

The basic strategy includes:

Editorial Plan

The first responsibility of every social media agency is to create the bulletproof plan, which includes the definition of micro-topics to be shared on social pages, the frequency of each topic, the tone of the posts, and the choice of multimedia content.

Content Creation

Content creation to share on social media marketing channels. Define the message, popular hashtags, links, and multimedia content (photos/videos) for each post—Editorial calendar and publication.

Management of Facebook and Instagram Pages

The third responsibility is to the management of Facebook and other social media pages. Increase interaction with target user and engagement and also increase followers in an organic way

Paid Campaigns

Creation and management of paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels Define your campaign goal, set your strategy and ads. Reporting and A/B testing to increase conversions and brand awareness.

A valid Social Media Marketing Agency must generate growth for client audience, improve brand awareness and lead to the acquisition of profiled contacts, which after being attracted to various types of initiatives, will be nurtured, loyal, and therefore also directed towards the goal commercial.

Why We are the best Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi

Because we have developed extensive experience in social media project management with different objectives and different areas, such as service companies, sports activities, small and medium-sized enterprises, politics, clothing brands, food & beverage, and much more. Here are the main reasons why social media are playing an increasingly central role in the business world:

Social Media Strategy

Social ecosystem analysis of the brand.
We develop a complete social strategy to optimize visibility, reputation, interaction with users, and sales/loyalty processes.
Definition of metrics and objectives.
Description of activities and contents necessary for the achievement of the set goals.

Advertising, Creativity, and Development

Management of advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media marketing platforms.
Creative design and development of highly engaging creative campaigns (applications, contests, landing tabs, mini-sites)

Content Marketing

Definition of valuable content for increased visibility and interaction.
Production of content related to your target (photos, videos, white papers, infographics, e-books, etc.)
Dissemination of content on channels and networks that can trigger word of mouth.
Monitoring and reporting.

Media and Social Owned Integration

We do proper integration of plugins, social widgets, and APIs on websites to increase interaction.
Open Graph integration and Google Authorship
Combination of advanced sharing functions (Facebook actions, Facebook connect, etc.)
Social Wall integration that aggregates the contents from the various profiles and brand pages.

Social Presence Management

Social presence management and monitoring
Setup, customization, and optimization of social profiles and brand pages
Interaction with users, moderation, and management of critical situations
Training for the corporate social media team
Monitoring and reporting

Social Brand Reputation

Sentiment Analysis of reputation on social media
Constant monitoring for real-time detection of mentions and shares
Planning strategies and corrective activities in case of negative citations
Competitors and keyword analysis and alerts
Monitoring and reporting.

Content Vitality

A post, a tweet, a sharing, a pin it multiplies the visibility and diffusion of content on the web while increasing the reach of the potential audience.

Brand Reputation

With social media marketing, it is possible to monitor, build and improve the brand reputation, the highest value for each company.

Employer Branding

Social networks exist. LinkedIn is the most famous example of this, capable of promoting “professional” word of mouth about the company, to find staff, collaborators and new customers.

Social CRM

With social media it is possible to develop and cultivate a relationship of trust and loyalty with customers, following them with proactive listening in pre and post-sales assistance.

Mobile and Tablet

Over 16 million people in India access the Internet from their mobile phone or smartphone, more than 2 million access from tablets. Never before have the applications available on smartphones been so important for companies’ social media crucial strategies.

We set up direct social media marketing campaigns, for e-commerce or contact collection for lead generation, or digital PR through blogs and influencers.

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