Currently, organizing a webinar for content marketing is not tricky since several platforms allow the event to be carried out and distributed online, such as Google Meet or GoToWebinar. The latter is especially indicated to include the webinar in an inbound marketing strategy, allowing integration with Hub-Spot, as we explain in detail in this other post on the subject.

The first broadcast is live, but logically it can be recorded and reissued afterward. This content, which achieves excellent interaction with the user, thus creating significant added value, usually takes three primary forms: conference, workshop, or course/seminar.

Some tips to optimize your Webinar for Content Marketing

A webinar is part of a relatively simple concept. The lecturer or teacher teaches a course, talk or seminar, which is followed by users (who sign up in advance), who can communicate with him (by chat, audio or video). In this way, very enriching feedback takes place for everyone.

The best webinar can be completed with diagrams, presentations, videos, and other content to make it more visual, fun, and better understood.

When designing, preparing, and teaching your webinar, we recommend following these 7 tips.

  1. Define very well both the main topic and the secondary ones, the objectives, and the target audience.
  2. The conference must be educational and with a certain degree of formality, but at the same time also entertaining and visual, so it must include diagrams and presentations.
  3. Maintain customer attention with case studies, examples, and, if possible, engaging anecdotes.
  4. The webinar conference structure should go from the general to the particular, first explaining the key concepts and then developing them.
  5. Encourage attendees to get involved and participate with questions and concerns, and take the time to respond appropriately to each of them.
  6. A webinar should not be too long, but also not too short. A 40-45 minute exposure and an additional 15-20 minutes to interact with users are considered ideal.
  7. Don’t forget to close the webinar with a call to action, where the user can download additional information, sign up for other webinars, or receive a commercial offer.

The webinar as an essential element of your Content Marketing

A webinar is still a type of content, with the particularity and advantage that, being a format different from the typical article, guide, or eBook, it has the following differential and advantageous characteristics.

  • The webinar is different, original, and impressive content.
  • It allows direct interaction with the user (potential customer), which helps establish intense and lasting relationships.
  • By creating a straightforward relationship with the user (through chats, audio, or video conference), it is possible to detect their needs and solve their doubts or problems (pain).
  • Facilitates the explanation of complex concepts or that should be nuanced.
  • A webinar discussion is an ideal way to achieve the conversion to leads, who will also be most qualified for having shown a vital interest in the subject.
  • A webinar is very flexible; it allows you to place calls to action to keep in touch with customers and send them other content and even commercial offers.
  • An additional advantage of the webinar is that it allows you to reuse the material. With the information generated, we can nourish our blog and social networks with quality and different posts, and it can also use to develop downloadable content, such as guides, e-books, whitepapers, infographics, or presentations.

From now on, we encourage you to include webinars in your content strategies meeting (if you want to learn more about this type of policy, download the free eBook  Contents: the pillar of inbound marketing ) because it is an affordable format that allows you to take advantage of your knowledge or from an expert while building close ties with potential clients or other professionals.

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