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One of the strengths of Webfrog IT Services is website designing services in Delhi, India. The ability to use website design techniques is the flagship that can make the most of the potentials to convey the corporate image on the web.

At Webfrog IT Services believe that a website is not only a business card or a virtual showcase, but as a means of communicating, to transmit a clear and immediate message to the user, an indispensable tool for growing your business and create value.

The graphics, design, and user experience of a site are the essential elements to achieve this result. This is why we put the utmost effort into taking care of the image of your company website.

Paying attention to the aesthetic aspect and taking care of other equally fundamental elements, such as accessibility and usability, the effectiveness of the descriptive texts, page loading speed, cross-browser and multi-device compatibility.

All the websites we create are designed according to the customer’s needs. They are based on an in-depth analysis of his business, valuable information that allows us to plan a precise communication strategy to achieve concrete objectives.

Respect for pre-established times and costs is of primary importance, just as we believe assistance and support are fundamental even after work is completed. Our professionalism, combined with the optimization of the production process, allows us to design and develop websites of the highest level at competitive prices compared to the market.

Convert Visitors into Customers with the Right Online Platform.

The basic strategy includes:

Website Designing

Website Designing in the leading CMS and proprietary platforms that can be customized in every aspect. Great attention to the user experience and graphics. Basic SEO elements included in the development.

Ecommerce creation

Creation of Ecommerce Website is modern and attentive to all aspects that influence online sales—platforms designed to be operational from day one, easy to navigate, and ready for any online transaction.

Landing Page

Develop customized Landing Pages for sites and ecommerce to drive traffic to a new page designed and developed to convert (contact form, email registration, or ecommerce purchase).

Why Responsive Website is Important

The responsive website designing has revolutionized the web interfaces; it is the term associated with a particular development technique that allows you to create websites and web pages that automatically adapt to the screen resolution of the user.

Compatible for for All Devices

A site with a responsive interface is displayed correctly on smart TVs, computers with large and small screens, on laptops, and on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, making all contents accessible, smooth, fast, and intuitive navigation for multiple types of devices.

Why Mobile Friendly Website

Given the incredible increase in people who surf on the move (Google says that in 2015 mobile traffic exceeded desktop traffic), it is essential to have a site that can best accommodate this type of browser. For this purpose, a site-responsive represents the best possible investment.

The creation of technically perfect websites is the first step in building a winning web project. Today it is not enough to create beautiful sites to look at: we work to build platforms capable of communicating the right corporate image but, above all, oriented towards obtaining the desired results.

Why we are the Best Website Designing Agency in Delhi

Because we have developed extensive experience in social media project management with different objectives and different areas, such as service companies, sports activities, small and medium-sized enterprises, politics, clothing brands, food & beverage, and much more. Here are the main reasons why social media are playing an increasingly central role in the business world:

Easy Management With CMS

We can create static websites, landing pages, and dynamic sites such as e-commerce, advanced multilingual portals, mobile web apps, and blogs for companies and professionals.
Each project always enriched with animations, transitions, illustrations, and multimedia content created ad hoc to make the final result unique.
We develop each website with a Content Management System, i.e., governed by a platform with a control panel that allows you to update, edit or upload new content and pages in a simple and utterly autonomous way, thus eliminating downtime and high management costs.


The Languages and CMS We Use

Php, Asp, Html, Xhtml, CSS, Javascript, Actionscript
WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop

Functionality and accessibility

The website’s main features of the site designed by Webfrog are attractive graphics that can coordinate with the corporate image, easy to use the site for the user, and well-structured search engines and compatible for all browsers.

User Experience

The goal of User Experience (UI/UX) is to create a usable and pleasant to navigate the website and to bring your visitors to stay on your website and improve the conversion rate, i.e., the number of people who are visiting your site and purchase or send inquiry.
To do this, the website we design is characterized by intuitiveness and ease of use and by interactivity, aesthetics, and pleasantness.
Each user (from the most to the least expert) must be able to find what he is looking for in just a few clicks, just as, on e-commerce, he must be able to follow a natural and simple path that leads him from the product research phase to the purchase.

International Websites

The websites designing by Webfrog speak abroad. Through a careful analysis and evaluation phase of your goals and opportunities, how you can reach potential customers worldwide is examined.
With the work of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO Experts), we can obtain useful information to position your website in the geographical areas of interest (Europe, South America, Africa …), and then carry out an international project that is not a simple translation.

Corporate Blogs

Within the website that we design and build, we pay particular attention to the customer’s market ranking. A blog section can often help companies, even small ones, gain visibility, and develop relationships with potential customers.
In this way, the website is not limited to being an aesthetically beautiful, usable, accessible, and optimized product for all devices. Still, it also becomes an opportunity to exchange and build an all-round relationship with your target audience—an excellent opportunity to increase the user base and prepare the way for success.


Everyone knows how to create showcase websites, but the real strength – what makes the difference between a standard website and a winning digital project – is to transform it into a source of income and new business for your company.

Creation of fast, performing, international websites, with perfect navigation from every device. A site that brings new contacts and new customers every day.

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