Difference between website and Webpage?


website is a site (location) on the World Wide Web that contains documents (web pages) organized hierarchically. Each document (web page) contains text or graphics that appear as digital information on a computer screen. A site may contain a combination of graphics, text, audio, video, and other dynamic or static materials.

Each website has a Home Page for example (Webfrog IT Services), which is the first document the user sees when entering the website by putting the domain name of that website in a browser. The site usually has additional documents (web pages). Each site belongs to and is managed by an individual, a company or an organization.

As a medium, websites are similar to movies, television or magazines, where they also create and manipulate digital images and text, but a website is also a means of communication. The main difference between a website and traditional media is that a website is on a computer network ( Internet ) and is coded in a way that allows users to interact with it. Once on a website, you can make purchases, searches, send messages, and other interactive activities.

Different Type of websites and webpages

Sometimes the term website is misused to refer to the website. A web page is part of a website and is a single file with an assigned file name, while a website is a set of files called web pages.

If we compare it to a book, a website would be the entire book and a web page of that website would be a chapter of that book. The title of the book would be the domain name of the website. A chapter, like a web page, has a name that defines it. We say it would be a chapter and not a page of the book because it is often necessary to scroll down the screen to see all the content of a web page, just as in a book you scroll through several pages to see all the content of a chapter. The index of the chapters of the book would be the equivalent of the map of the website.