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We are the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR, India and suitable for the companies and startups who want to improve their business online.

Our primary commitment is to bring out your business to reach the ideal target through online marketing and moving users towards your goals. If you need to understand your digital presence’s status, we offer the best internet marketing services and Website audits. We expand your business through complete Web Designing, Social Media, SEO, Online Reputation Management, PPC and Lead Generation.

  • We know that it is essential to have the right mix of digital channels to make a brand/company rely on the internet.
  • We believe that developing a good website is a necessity to be reliable in the eyes of customers.
  • We believe if you don’t communicate effectively on social networks, a company’s online success can only be temporary.
  • We have come this way with many customers and with our websites, and we want to do the same for you too.


We analyze the project and propose a customized digital marketing plan, with clear and measurable objectives.


We intercept target users using digital channels and tools according to the sector and product.


We generate attention and trust by transforming users and visitors into qualified contacts and customers.


We wok on best marketing Data and constant SEO optimization to maximize performance and ROI.


We have an extensive list of successful digital marketing case studies of our valuable customers that have achieved robust growth thanks to Webfrog Team.


Our team has Google, and Hubspot certified professionals with tremendous experience gained on Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, & Lead Generation.

Our Services

website designing

Website Designing

We design an effective SEO friendly website that can easily rank on search engines
SEO Services

SEO Services

Are you looking for the best SEO agency to get high visibility of your website in Google
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We think and implement the latest social media marketing strategies for your business
PPC Services
PPC Services

PPC Services

Do you want your brand of the website to be visible on search engines in a short time?
Lead Generation
Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Without qualified leads, you are wasting valuable resources and trying to sell in the dark
Reputation Management
Reputation Management

Reputation Managment

Reputation is one of the essential points for every online business. Do not you agree?

We Don't Believe In Decreasing The Goals. We Believe To Increase The Effort!

– Webfrog IT Services –

Before we tell you who we are, we want to tell you who we are not!

Digital Marketing Webfrog 1
Reputation Management

We are not a simple digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR; We are a business Partner!

This means that we really work alongside our customers, for whom we develop digital marketing strategies and activities that actually increase turnover and profit.

If you don’t believe us, we invite you to ask the companies that have chosen us for an opinion. As proof of this, we can boast a 95% customer loyalty rate as the best digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR. If year after year, our customers renew their trust in Webfrog and increase their investments in online marketing, there will be a reason.

Digital Marketing Webfrog 2
Reputation Management

We are not a newly launched Digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR.

Let’s be honest; there is plenty of charlatans digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR and service providers in India and also lots of disorganized freelancers who make their customers fool every day.

We are a small but reliable and Best digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR as our customers say. Our team is made up of true online marketing specialists, who have google certified skills of the highest level and above all experience to sell. Our only goal is the client’s success and future growth we accompany you throughout the process so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Digital Marketing Webfrog 3
Reputation Management

We are not an agency that competes on prices.

This point connects to the previous one. As in any sector, a valid professional gets paid about his / her competence gained in the field. We do the same!

We know the value of our work, and therefore we ask for fair compensation. With Webfrog IT Services, the client’s investment is always calculated and justified according to the business results we can generate. If you think it is a smart move to choose a digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR based mainly on the price, you make a big mistake and are harming yourself.

If you prefer to invest little or badly, saving on who will manage the digital marketing, which is the essential factor for the growth of your business, then do not complain if you will find a mediocre web agency that will cause you a waste of time and money.

Digital Marketing Webfrog 4
Reputation Management

Small is the new big

We don’t want to be one of the big and best digital marketing agency in Delhi that move like an elephant slowly and awkwardly. Our goal has never been to be the biggest but to be the best and smartest!

For this reason, Webfrog IT Services was created and organized as a small and unique digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR whose team operates with a winning working method in an agile, efficient, and effective way. We collaborate with big brands and SMEs, always offering fast, practical and punctual solutions, anticipating new trends and keeping our customers one step ahead of their competitors.

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR
Reputation Management

We do direct marketing, not communication for its own sake

Our marketing strategies and campaigns are RESULTS DRIVEN, guided by numbers and economic results that impact the business.

We have creative, unconventional digital ideas, we are at the forefront. We do performance marketing, so a little chat, little smoke, and a lot of concreteness. Webfrog works only to achieve goals that matter: an increase in customers, turnover, and profits. Point!

Digital Marketing Webfrog 6
Reputation Management

We don't work for everyone

We consider a limited number of new customers every year. It’s not that we pull it hard or don’t care to earn more, we just aren’t obsessed with money.

We prefer to grow sustainably, working only for selected companies, startups, and entrepreneurs who share our approach and method. At the same time, we are committed to following every company at best, with constancy and attention, maintaining the right relationship between the number of projects managed and the resources allocated. The constant growth registered by Webfrog in these years is the natural consequence of the goodness of our work, the satisfaction of our customers, and our positive reputation.


After working with you for months, I saw a big difference in the outcome of my business comparing to other companies who promised several things but delivered no results. I planned to go ahead with you and find that ranking and conversation has improved.

Pawankumar Gupta

I would love to recommend Webfrog IT Services as a best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR, India. They are very professional and skilled enough to handle projects. They keep the client’s business goals at the top of their priority list.

Surinder Leo

Webfrog is the best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR. Webfrog helped me in creating an e-commerce website for my Dress material business. I appreciate their on-time service and support. I will recommend others opt for your services.

Soumya Dey

When I first got to know about Webfrog I was not sure how well they work, but when I talked to the team and the Founder, Mr. Manish, I was impressed by their technical knowledge of their results and their expertise, and the years of experience the have.

Jyoti Kumari

Our Reputation is our Proof in Business!

– Webfrog IT Services –

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the process of using the Internet for online promotion activities, its tools and strategies to market your business. This method includes the use of search engines, social media, e-mail marketing and all types of content that they support, textual, visual and video.

We could say that it is that process that brings your message to users through online platforms. Today it is by far the best way to help you promote your company and put your products or services within reach of consumers.

In detail, digital marketing takes many forms, from advertising banners to e-mail marketing promotions, from the optimization strategies of your web pages to posts on social media.

Digital marketing is a large container of opportunities that you can take advantage of for your personal branding and create that relationship of trust with your potential customers. Provided you know what the correct strategies are to apply.

Why Digital Marketing is Important?

Try to think of a company wholly disconnected from the web. Users could not find information on opening hours; they could not follow the launch of the news in real-time, they could not even read the reviews and testimonials of other customers.

In summary, that company is as if it didn’t exist.

  • Your precise duty is to avoid all this and to make yourself as visible to your target audience as possible. Only in this way can you increase your sales and, consequently, your profit.
  • All this without counting the constant presence of users on social media and the fact that, according to statistics, by 2030, e-commerce will make 95% off purchases more manageable. Almost all.

But why choose Webfrog IT Services?

After summarizing the benefits of an investment in digital marketing, let’s analyze the reasons why you should choose Webfrog IT Services. With WebFrog you can reach a broad audience: Not only digital marketing strategies allow you to reach the right audience, but you can also significantly expand your user base.

  • If with a newspaper you could contact a limited catchment area, with webfrog digital marketing you can show your company to the whole world.
  • We can implement other strategies: Digital marketing should not be used alone but should be reconciled with all the other activities you carry out to make your business flourish.
  • In particular, with the world of sales. Setting up an online marketing campaign with Webfrog allows you to collect data and prepare your audience so that the work of all other departments can also improve.
  • We can increase the brand awareness of your company: Thanks to WebFrog internet marketing team, we can improve the awareness of your brand in the minds of consumers and, consequently, push more and more to become your customers unconsciously.
  • Because they already know your brand having seen it over and over again during their virtual travels on search engines or social networks.
  • We can build deep relationships with customers: Also, to expand your catchment area, online marketing also allows you to create relationships that increasingly increase consumer confidence and will enable you to retain existing customers.

How to set up a digital marketing strategy

Online marketing encompasses several disciplines, and it is up to you, together with the WEBFROG experts, we can create the right strategy for your business digitally.

Now let’s see briefly all the processes you need to consider to set up your web marketing plan effectively.

  • Market analysis: the first step is to do a market analysis. Evaluate your products or services and their potential within the market. Make a self-assessment and compare yourself with your competitors to understand if there are free routes in which to enter by bringing some news.
  • Target study: then the target study, or buyer persona profiling, is passed. Identify the potential customers you want to contact because you think that with your offer you will be able to solve their problem or satisfy their desire.
  • Goal definition: Move on to defining the goals you want to achieve. It is also useful for measuring the quality of your performance. How do you choose valid lenses? Identify them using the SMART technique which stands for: specific, measurable, accessible, realistic, timely. These are the characteristics that each of your goals must respect.
  • Strategy planning: after the preliminary analysis, here comes the time to choose the specific actions and tactics for your digital marketing plan. So you have to identify the tools and channels you intend to use to promote your brand.
  • Budget Setting: Choose how to allocate your budget. Plan your investments for each channel and instrument, but keep an eye on the trends to understand how to proceed.
  • Time: Determine how quickly you want to reach your short, medium and long term goals. Making forecasts is also useful to better manage the budget.
  • These preliminary actions are the foundations on which you can start building each of the individual web marketing strategies that we will see now.

Digital marketing services vs traditional marketing

We have given you a definition of digital marketing, but now we want to talk to you about this topic starting from the origins to show you what its evolution has been.

  • Studying this aspect is very important to understand what benefits we can derive from internet marketing strategies today compared to what marketers could do in the past. When we talk about marketing, we refer to a method of communication.
  • In traditional marketing, physical events, billboards, radio, TV and all those media that we still have today but that has nothing to do with the Internet world used.

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